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Soaps for Psoriasis: These 3 Bars Are Amazing

Do you shower with a grater or use acid as a body scrub? Probably not, unless you’re really, really filthy. And the same should apply to normal soaps, which are crap for psoriasis.

In fact, many soaps can’t legally call themselves soaps. Which is why they get names such as “beauty bars.” The reason is because they’re nothing more than detergents, with synthetic lathering agents, harsh chemicals, and no fat or glycerin to keep your skin happy.

Saying that, there are soaps that go against the grain, and they can be surprisingly cheap. You can get bars for less than $15 in most cases. And the difference they make is like night and day, just check out the image on top!

Adovia Dead Sea Soap

I’ve mentioned that Dead Sea salts are important for psoriasis before, and I’m going to ram it home again . Infused with unusually high mineral content, such as potassium, zinc and magnesium, they help to regulate the natural moisture balance of the skin, act as a natural UV blocker, and clean out all the dirty impurities that may pile up.

While a trip to the Dead Sea is the best choice, it’s not so easy on the wallet. The next best thing in this case, however, is a bit of soap. And from my experience Adovia Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap is one of the best. The key is to, once you soap-up, let it stay on your skin for a few minutes to allow your human hide to absorb all of those nutrients. It’ll leave your skin so smooth babies will look like haggard old leather handbags in comparison. Trust me.

Black Therapy 9 Charcoal Soap

Made from processed carbon, this baby can only be described by one word – “bubbly.” Every bar is like a sponge, with millions of small pockets. This is great because having so many pockets gives it a humongous surface area that pulls in unwanted molecules like a magnet.

In many ways, our skin is also like a sponge. It’s a permeable membrane that allows toxins and other contaminants free entry like a revolving door. And activated charcoal soap not only pulls out and bacteria from its surface, but toxins from underneath the surface.

The one I like the most is made by Black Therapy 9, and is called Bamboo Charcoal. Sleek, black and speckled with gold bits, it soaps up well and is good at descaling. My hands always looks smooth for hours afterwards!

Sappo Hill Soapworks soaps

Last but not least are natural soaps: ones which are cold-pressed and use organic oils and fats. These are the best for psoriasis, and if you find one, rest assured it will be miles ahead compared to most “soaps” you’ll find peddled in shops. However, make sure to read the labels for even those who proclaim to be “handmade”, as even they are sometimes produced with synthetic agents.

There are tons of good brands out there. One that I like is called Sappo Hill Soapworks, and they make a wide selection of soaps. Their best? It has to be the one made out of oatmeal, coconut oil and glycerine. Oatmeal is great for psoriasis as it stops itching in its tracks, and coconut oil is a top moisturiser. I’m not a person that gets excited about soaps… but this… its like skin crack. And you get a dozen in a box, so it lasts for ages.

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I'm just an average 26 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

10 Responses to Soaps for Psoriasis: These 3 Bars Are Amazing

  1. Dee. says:

    Thank you very much… Definitely sick of regular soaps that will make my skin much dry. I have plaque psoriasis. I was just diagnosed with this, and feels like my live will never be the same. It so hard. My feet are covered. And one big patch on my leg :(. Coming across this blog helped me emotionally and keeps my head up knowing that there are more amazing people like me. Thank you for all your great post. In the past week I’m always here reading everything… so helpful.

  2. redblob says:

    Thanks for your kind comments Dee :) I’ve had plaque psoriasis for over ten years (I’ve stopped counting) and trust me – it gets better. The first few months are the hardest. Try to get as much sunlight and vitamin D3 as you can while the sun is out. What’s your diet like by the way? I think that processed, fried foods, and food intolerances are a culprit for maaaany flakers, myself included. Keep your head up and keep in touch!

    Oh, and by the way, for anyone that doubts that getting the right soaps for psoriasis is important, here’s a before and after picture I found of a person with psoriasis using Adovia soap. The difference is dramatic!
    Before and after

    • Dee. says:

      My diet was the worst anyone can be on it… McDonalds at least 3 times at week… since I never care or concern about anything until I hit my face with this . Now for the last month I have only basically eating plain rice and fruits. Lot of camomile and green tea. I start taking vitamin A and D. Omega 3 two times per day. And a Turmeric capsule once a day.

      I’m so new on this that I don’t even know what topic to use so I start seeing results using 2 times a day Coal Tar 2% and plain Vaseline all day long. I just got a health insurance so hopefully I can get seeing by a specialist when I get back.

      I’m going to Cuba for one month. My plans are to be out as much as I can and go to the ocean. I hope I get better. I will be back on July to check out what is new here….Thank you !!!!!

      • redblob says:

        Bic Mac is like an atomic bomb ;) But you’ve made some good changes! Vitamin D (make sure its “D3″) and omega 3 (at least 1,000 mg per day) are very good for psoriasis. Turmeric and camomile and green tea are also very good at reducing inflammation. Great steps forward! Have you seen any improvement?

        But – there’s always a but – I’m not sure if rice and fruits is too good. I would reduce fruits (too much sugar) and eat more green vegetables – lettuce, kale, spinach, watercress. And lots of fish.

        Enjoy Cuba! Sun and sea is a super combo for flaky skin. I live on an island too, and when I find time to go to the beach, it’s very helpful.

  3. Dee. says:

    I will start eating more greens then. And less fruits. Yea…I must cut down on sugar . I have a sweet tooth that’s my problem :( .

    At fist in my mind was not possible to have psoriasis and I was in total denial. ..what it made it worse since I was instead using fungal medicine. Really strong one for months.

    My skin crack open. When I give up and start researching for psoriasis and stop the topical antifungal med…it seams to start heal.

    I mean the patch still there and flare up every couple of day ( is like a cycle , get better, then get really bad…then better again)

    Do you thing the patches that I have now one day will disappear? Will the right soaps for psoriasis help? Is so hard to have this in one of my leg. Specially now that is summer everyone is wearing shorts and I have to go out with pants . If not everyone eyes is on it and asking me what it is and suggesting me what to do…The only thing I can do is going back home and cry to sleep.

    Now since I’m reading your post I fee like there is chance to get my life back and learn how to live with psoriasis. At least what keep me up is that there are worse things in life . So many kids suffering from terminals disease and here I am crying because I can’t use short. That’s how I will think from now on.

  4. Kayla says:

    I am new to your site, just subscribed, and am really struggling with my psoriasis – it just keeps getting worse. I was diagnosed last year and I thought it was bad then on my legs and scalp. Haha, now its everywhere and I mean everywhere I am beyond depressed because of how it has affected me and my self esteem. I purchased the Soapworks oatmeal soaps for psoriasis you suggested and have been using them a week now, not sure if they’re helping.

    My derm has put me on a few diff steroids, and they keep pushing me to use a biologic or do the biologic study telling me how it will be free and work really well and its the 3rd stage so the worst parts are done. Needless to say, I am terrified of the risks with the already FDA approved bios like skin cancer or blood. I already have cancer in my family I don’t need to cause it. Anyway I really am considering them now, I’ve been on non steroids and steroids, the best was the clobonex spray but only can use it two weeks at a time then I flare up so bad by day 14 of the required break I have more plaques to deal with.

    Essentially I was hoping to turn to diet and see if that might be what I need. I apparently have been eating all the wrong foods nightshades like tomatoes and potatoes are my favourite and I eat out almost every day which is gluten and sodium processed stuff overload. I really wanted to try and eat well so I started cutting out bits of gluten here and there for a while knowing some people are just gluten intolerant and it causes flares. I ate tons of rice and quinoa cut about 80% gluten out and noticed very little change but like I said I was eating rice.. I guess I thought that was better until now. I am afraid I am hurting my body worse everyday I just read cinnamon is bad for psoriasis and curry the other two spices I use heavily.

    I really would appreciate, and I think I’m with everyone when I say this, would you consider a diet section for recipes and maybe some guidelines that work for you but maybe in what you can eat more than what you can’t :). I feel like after taking out fruits rice gluten what dairy nightshades and spices I love I have very little idea what to eat.

    Are all other vegetables good are some fruits safer? What about grains like quinoa or buckwheat or vegetarian meats? I tried not to consume many animal products but I feel I’m being forced to in order to get nutrients and not have gluten or processed foods :S am I wrong . My biggest question of all is how are you OK in a relationship is it easier for you to feel confident I’ve been starting to worry my bf and babies father will be getting more and more tempted to stray with a big plaque like me to gawk at. I already feel alone and isolated (and I am isolated since its spread) I feel like I’e given up my life for psoriasis and the anxiety that came with it. Thanks for making this blog none the less because it shines a tiny light in a very dark tunnel.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Kayla! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with psoriasis, and do hope that it gets better. Thanks for your suggestion about having a diet and recipes section. This is definitely something that I want to début when I have more free time to work on this site.

      So what is your diet looking like now? How do you keep hydrated? What do you eat for breakfast etc? I’ve found that going gluten and wheat free doesn’t really make a difference unless you cut them out completely – 100%. I have cheat meals here and there when I want to indulge, but on a day-to-day basis restricting them to just a small portion is not enough. That’s my experience. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

      In regards to animal protein – I eat it a lot! I understand where you’re coming from in saying that going on an anti-inflammation diet can feel like you have nothing to eat. Without meat I would probably starve :-) White meats, like chicken and turkey, are a lot healthier. Fish is fantastic for P. Red meat should be eaten in smaller quantities as it has arachidonic acid, which promotes inflammation. I sometimes make a soup out of beef with chinese cabbage to strike a balance between the two.

      Also, what about your intake of vegetables? Do you eat a lot of green, leafy veg (lettuce, chinese cabbage, spinach, watercress)? If not, you should, ideally every day, as they are a really anti-inflammatory food group.

      And lastly, what about supplements? A good few that I recommend are vitamin D3 (2000iu-plus), peppermint (to help with digestion) and omega-3 (either fish oil or flax seed oil, over 1000mg daily). Have you had an food allergy test done by any chance?

      In regards to buckwheat – I eat it all the time! It’s a great source of iron from what I’ve been told. And it’s a great alternative to wheat. For example, you can cook it instead of rice with salad and grilled chicken. A very quick meal.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re using healthier soaps for psoriasis! Oat is really good for skin, and I know of many flakers who have oatmeal baths to reduce itching. It might not make a massive dent on your P by itself, but it will definitely complement whatever approach you decide to take.

      PS. Forgot to write about this one. My relationship is great and P is rarely an issue. For my girlfriend, it’s as if it’s invisible. Of course this is partly because it has a very small influence on my life currently; if I was covered head to toe it would be a lot more difficult to contend with on a daily basis. What is your coverage now (one palm is roughly 1%)?

  5. Kayla says:

    My psoriasis coverage last time at the derm was 10%. I believe it has grown at least 2 hands since then, a month ago. He put me on a long round of antibiotics and plan to do it every year, but I think that’s for specific people and it seems to be making me flare more :S. I have supplements I don’t take regularly took some a week and others 2 but mostly I stopped until reading your blog then I grabbed my turmeric and probiotics and started taking them again but I also have: vitamin d 5000, fish oil, hemp oil in my fridge (don’t know if that’s a good one), Multivitamin by Now foods called Eve, and folic acid pills.

    I don’t really have a stable diet right now to be honest I was once very strict with what I ate had a weight loss transform back 9 years ago and was the healthiest and most active Id ever been. Since I got pregnant 4 years ago I have not felt the same about food and had begun craving certain things foods like pizza burgers donuts and tacos. When I used to be content with garlicky broth and cabbage, lemon lettuce and tuna, noodle soups sugar free chemically sweetened snacks( ugh) and nothing fried or bread related whatsoever. But even then I was enjoying so many foods that I don’t think I can have at all now :( Potatoes ketchup tomatoes and cinnamon sushi especially since it is my favourite treat.

    I have a lot of random foods I eat for a day or two like chia seeds I made into a jam with strawberry’s and raspberry’s. I eat berries with oatmeal or oatmeal cinnamon and stevia sweetener, sometimes I add almond butter. I have been eating MSG free ramen but those were gluten filled and tuna with mayo. I find myself hungry more often now that Ive been diagnosed than before so I snack more. I have kind nut bars, fruits, baked cheese :S. I don’t like dairy milk but I do enjoy cheese and yogurt on things.

    Drink coffee with almonds or soy milk, zevia, water and mineral water. I don’t actually consume alot of liquid thinking about it, I probably should up my water intake. I also drink green tea, black tea and sometimes diet sodas if I have to. I have flavored Vodka when I drink and stopped drinking beer. I also avoid sugar drinks so if I sweeten I usually use a substitute but raw honey sometimes which I know is sugar.

    Canned salmon no oil or water added and noodles a lot. Rice noodles, soon to be SOBA with organic veg broth. I actually have been back and fourth with gluten reduction and worse I have been eating fast food burgers and mostly chicken sandwiches and omitting the bun. I know that stuff is horrible so this week I haven’t been going out to eat. French fries and potatoes in general are a vice I am cutting them out.

    We just went to the grocer and got organic frozen veg, green beans, broccoli, spinach, and organic eggs, uncured turkey hot dogs, and uncured turkey bacon, frozen chicken breasts. I mistakenly seasoned my chicken with cayenne I think made me itchy. Not sure. It was a mix blend but read that can be a possible trigger. All I know is my skin crawls regularly after eating it and I am just now associating it to the foods. I cant believe I’ve went this long not making a correlation!! Oranges and lemons are my favourite fruits.

    We also bought my son a bunch of crackers all kinds and I had some with some gluten free chicken noodle soup but that had rice noodles. So pretty bad meal there. Quinoa and veg with salmon .

    I am very glad to hear buckwheat and fish is OK I have soba noodles and they sell buckwheat to make cereal and dishes like you suggest I just haven’t ever had it!!! I eat a lot of loma linda canned vegetarian meats a couple had been gluten based so now I just get the vegetable protein ones, but I will have to go back and evaluate if they have any bad ingredients. I was going to buy a bunch of beans, chickpeas and kidney to try and cut out the loma linda Worthington stuff but realized bean might be bad for P too. Eggs often I add hot sauce but will be stopping that. Are eggs okay? And gluten free pancakes weekly for breakfast made with Pamela’s baking and Pancake mix. I bought Yukon slices to snack on hoping to up my good bacteria with prebiotic foods but its sweet so not sure where that stands in the scheme of things.

    My veg intake is pretty pathetic I will get more greens into my diet since you said they help. I love cabbage and kale, spinach and lettuce so that is not deprivation luckily just more expensive. I need things to eat that are safe and filling :P. Are beans okay? Oats? Nuts? Sweet potatoes? Seasonings or is it bland time lol ? I am ready to stock up I have mixed reviews when I search so I figured ill try whatever diet is working for you at least you know it helped someone first not just guesses by a non-psoriatic community.

    I have not had a food allergy test since I was a young child. Just the memory of pin pricks on my back and never being told I was allergic to anything by my sceptical parents bad results or not. Unsure if it matters but I was thinking about getting a gluten test. However you are supposed to eat gluten until you get your results so the test can be accurate, and omitting it ahead just eliminates the proteins they check for I guess. So I will be making the appointment before eating more gluten just in case. Is an allergy test helpful and have they changed from the pin pricking days?

    Goodbye burgers hello peppermint supplement I will be adding that to my diet. I am very serious about a change and go gluten or trigger food will pass these lips until I give it a fair long trial, like I said I am pretty much at wits end this has consumed my life and I think I can give up anything I was consuming if its the problem to get my life back to partially normal. I started doing Dead Sea Salt soaks but is there a maximum number of soaks per week or the more the merrier and apple cider vinegar can that be used while I’m using topicals or more for non medicated people? How about soaps for psoriasis? How long should I leave them on?

    Thanks so much for this blog, it might be a true life saver! I am thankful to feel like its not the just solitary struggle but having a community that has been there and done that and is continuing with taming the beast sharing experiences and lending advice like you. Even better it enlightened me on a fun albeit gross nickname Flaker :D It feels right lol. I am glad to hear back thanks for taking the time to read my comment reply and inquire! I am smiling hoping for a great change I know it will take time and will power to do.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Kayla. Cheers for the reply. I think you win the award for the longest comment I’ve ever received! :D It’s a very detailed post and will take a few days to properly respond, but from the get go, I think your attitude is great. Willpower means everything when making the necessary diet changes for P and sticking through with them. Just remember to not get disheartened if progress is slow. With diet it often is. As for apple cider vinegar, I haven’t heard of any bad interactions with people using topicals. How are you using it? I’ve had the most success with drinking it 30 minutes before dinner. Just mix two or three tablespoons in a cup of water and you’re good to go :)

  6. Kayla says:

    I forgot to mention my round of antibiotics is almost over for this year, 2 days left, so I can truly start to see what helps in 2 days.

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