Flaky bits Red thongs could hide genital psoriasis if they had more material.

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Taming Vaginal Psoriasis (QUICKLY!)

Next to penile psoriasis (which I wrote about here), vaginal psoriasis just might be the worst place of your body for psoriasis to creep onto.

Vaginal psoriasis often results in a confused, red pussy

Vaginal psoriasis often results in a red pussy

The most common form of vaginal psoriasis is known as “inverse psoriasis” or “flexural psoriasis” – a type that typically dwells in the creases and folds of our skin.

The worst of it is that it can appear anywhere around your genital area, including the pubic parts just above the vagina, the upper thighs, the vulva, the buttock creases and the most unmentionable one of them all  - the pooper. Now guys, just because there’s a red carpet leading to it doesn’t mean you can waltz in.

In very rare cases, vaginal psoriasis can also find its way into the mucous membrane or “inner vagina.” Since the area is so moist, the psoriasis down here is not normally “cracked”, but it will be sore, so handle with care. Plus, remember, consult a professional if the psoriasis is really painting the town red.

What vaginal psoriasis looks like

I warn you, dear reader, what you are about to see is not a pretty, delicate flower that you’ll find blooming on a clear spring afternoon. Its a a pissed-off lioness that’s been rolling around in the savannah dust. Or something.



How to treat vaginal psoriasis in a matter of weeks

If you haven’t noticed, given where they are on the body, these psoriasis patches need SPECIAL treatment. Here’s a few suggestions.

Stop wearing leggings.The first step is to stop wearing figure-hugging, vagina-smothering clothes, such as tights, leggings, thongs, g-strings etc. Loose clothing is important, because friction from rubbing fabrics, as well as sweating makes the area itchy and sore.

No scratching or any action! Scratching can exacerbate the symptoms of vaginal psoriasis and cause more itchiness as it stimulates the nerve fibres just underneath the skin. Apart from that, excessive scratching and rubbing can actually lead to your skin thickening around the vagina, which is called “Lichenification.” Plus, abstain from penetrative sex for a while or any kinky acts (i.e. hot candle wax doesn’t help down there.)

Make sure its not a fungal infection! Vaginal psoriasis is often misdiagnosed – it could just be candidiasis. Just make sure to get a second opinion, because reaching for the anti-fungal cream won’t help if it is indeed psoriasis.

Try a weak steroid cream. The first port of call for many women is their local pharmacy. Often a weak corticosteroid-based cream is sufficient, such as a 1% hydrocortisone ointment. It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to go away, but MAY come back, in which case you should try a weak tar-based aqueous solution to keep it away. Plus, pregnant mothers should not use it for prolonged periods, as steroid creams can thin the skin, and that is something you definitely don’t want when pushing a 10lb baby through a straw!

Try light-therapy. Another treatment option for vaginal psoriasis is phototherapy, but it is not affective in treating psoriasis in-between the skin folds, unless you’re willing to lie there spread-eagled that is!

Go easy in the shower. When showering, try not to use any special washes down there (women don’t need them anyway!) or harsh soaps, as the area is super sensitive. Plus, keep the water lukewarm. After you get out, use something natural, such as coconut oil to moisturise the vagina.

Consult your gynaecologist before pursuing any sort of action! The vagina is a strange and wonderful thing, and there are many types of vulva rashes, so make sure to pinpoint the problem before you try anything.

If you have vaginal psoriasis, please leave a comment! How do you deal with it? What products work?

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19 Responses to Taming Vaginal Psoriasis (QUICKLY!)

  1. Tammajenna says:

    When I’m having a break out I take two showers a day. I don’t use any soap at all, just rinse with warm water extremely well. I use my hands, not a cloth. After, I dry my entire vaginal area with thick paper towels. I even keep paper towels in that area for a few minutes to make sure I’m really dry. Like while I’m styling my hair. I ordered this powder on Amazon called Zeasorb, it keeps me really dry all day. Also, sleep naked and let the area dry out as much as possible. Drink tons of water too, it flushed the bacteria out of your body within a few days. Another thing is try not to sweat, it seems to get really swollen and inflamed from sweat. If you can, stuff paper towels around your crotch and the crease of your thighs throughout the day. Seriously, these things work. Good luck.

  2. meriem says:

    Vaginal psoriasis was a nightmare. I read much about tar efficiency, so I used it as a cream only before going bed, then I had a terrible pain like that of burn. I rushed and removed it with water and soap, my skin was so red, and the next day, there was a dry dead skin layer, then removed it, ooops psoriasis is gone! I applied tar just once and its gone.

  3. meriem says:

    I just used light tar, bear in your mind that there is two kinds of tar, a very thick one and the other is light. So its better to use the second kind because it doesn’t cause burns on skin. but if you want it to be less painful, its better to use shampoo or body lotion made of tar. It worked for me, and I hope it’ll work for everybody. Goodluck

  4. cc13 says:

    Hello, I’m not sure if I have this, but I’m getting tired of trying to figure it out. So I came across your site when I was googling my symptoms. Anyway, about 8 months ago I became covered with red itchy white flaky rash spots, in my belly button, ears, scalp, under my breast, and my vagina looks just like that picture. I have been to my Primary care doc, Gyno, and a Derm and all they do is give me different creams… I know it sounds crazy but none of these docs are fixing my problem. The creams are working… but when I’m cleared up.. I stop using them and it comes right back… Its wearing me out. What is wrong with me… I feel like I’m full of fungus. Its gotta be something on the inside of my body that’s causing this. If you have any advice, I would appreciate it.

    • bev says:

      Hi, same thing happened to me. I ended up 80% covered. You need a course of light treatment with steriod back up. steroids can’t clear it when its a large outbreak but the light therapy will get rid of it 90% of the way and then the remainder will be controllable with the steroids. Its a like a miracle when it starts working. Good luck! They should also give you coal tar and perhaps a strong antihistamine to help you sleep.

      For your scalp try Sebco overnight and wash it off using shampoo in the morning. When you’ve dried it, apply liquid betnovate. Bit messy but it works. Light treatment wont work on scalps but treating it every night and then using the betnovate during the day slows the cells down and again you will clear it 90%.

      Never stop using steroids abruptly – you need to wean down off them as stopping abruptly can cause the rash to flare back worse. 9 months into treatment I am now classed as 1% and very happy!

  5. OJ says:

    This may sound bizarre…..
    After showering, take your blow dryer and place it on the cool setting. Blow dry the vaginal area. Then apply a coconut oil or emu oil. This has really helped me.

  6. I’ve battled this curse for around seven years now and finally, a dermatologist has done a biopsy, results will be available next appointment but he is sure it is psoriasis and not lichen sclerosis which is what I was being treated for.

    I wear no knickers at home, pads soaked in cortic cream when I go out, only wash in anti dermatological gel – but the most effective wash when the burning and pain gets too much is chamomile tea! I dunk a tea bag in warm water and then soak a chux super-wipe in there, hurl myself onto a thick towel on my bed and put the super-wipe on the effected part. Almost instant relief!

    The dermatologist recommended condies crystals (just one or two crystals in a cup of warm water) but I would back my chamomile tea against his crystals any day. I take Neogaston which is a hell of a drug but am hoping it won’t be for long. Interesting to hear everyone else’s methods, thank you all for sharing :)


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