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  1. RedDog says:

    Thanks Jack for a great site. Really informative. It’s been an interesting few days. After years of managing what I thought was a perennial yeast infection on the old chap with an anti-fungal thrush cream, and watching my toenails get progressively crustier and yellower, also I thought due to a fungal infection, I decided to do some research on psoriasis on the web because my nephew has just started to develop it and my sister always had it from a young age. Lo and behold, I find inverse psoriasis and nail psoriasis. Everything seems to fit together – the family connection, the symptoms, the treatment, the fact that strong anti-fungals didn’t seem to help. I have cut out coffee, alcohol, gluten and dairy for the past five days and already there is improvement in the old chap. This might well be a game-changer. I’m lucky that I don’t have any visible symptoms other than the nails, but it will be great if I get a confirmed diagnosis of inverse psoriasis. Much easier to explain to the wife after a business trip. Any thoughts on what do with the nails? Seems like a lost cause – should I bathe my toes in apple cider vinegar? Good to hear your P is back in its box.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Jack and the gang. First of all I am very happy I found this site and I will try and contribute as much as possible. I tool many of Jack’s advices and I think they are very accurate. I have been diagnosed with PS about 5 years ago, but looking back I think I began developing it way way back. White flakes in my hair and eyebrows something we called “dry skin” or ” seborrhea “, most likely were the first symptoms of it. I think I even had it back in high school and now I am in my late 30’s. I had issues with my skin on my elbows, chin, scalp and the private area. I think I currently have “at bay” as Jack calls it. I am not sure how “good” it can become, but I am very happy with what I have achieved so far and if I can’t make it better, I will at least try to keep it on this level. I want to share my “path” with you and hopefully it helps you get better.

      Food: VERY limited dairy, no white wheat, no white sugar, no pasta, no white rice, no potatoes, no coffee, no smoking.
      Limited: deep fried, fried, whole wheat, any types of sugar-subs
      Mostly eat: veggies, fruits, chicken-cooked, boiled, grilled, fish, nuts
      Not ideal, but still eat: dried fruits, dark chocolate 72% and up, some healthy bars with limited sugar
      1-2 litres of water daily.
      Shampoo: psoriatrax, but I only started 1 week ago and used it about 4 times. Works great. Will stop using it soon and see how much my scalp missed it.
      Hemp Seed oil cream: after bath (skin needs to be moist and “ready”) on almost all areas.

      Daily regimen:
      Probiotics 50 bln on empty stomach with a glass of warm water with lemon and ACV
      Breakfast- Shake with: kale, spinach, pineapple, berries, ACV, Hemp seed oil, other veggies/fruits, chia seeds. Oatmeal with yogurt and dried fruits
      After breakfast: Fish Oil, Turmeric, Liver cleanse capsules, D3+K2
      For lunch: Chicken, soup, veggies, fruits
      After lunch: Liver cleanse capsules
      Dinner: ACV, Hemp seed oil, veggies, grains, eggs, chia seeds, nuts, Greek Yogurt
      After dinner: Liver cleanse capsules, Buckwheat oil in capsules, Turmeric, D3+K2, Bottled Cod Fish Oil, Milk Thistle Tea

      Sweets: a little of 70+ dark chocolate with or without almonds
      10 min meditation before sleep
      If you have questions, please email me to [email protected] and I will try to help


  2. mwangi says:

    hi Jack mine is for 20 years am also using coconut oil especially for the scalp.its good tho when is severe am forced to use creams .Don know about avoiding all meat even white meat .

  3. Jack says:

    Great site. I am 26 and called Jack as well. Had P for over 10 years. Already use a few things from this site to help. Definitely going to start on the Teas and the green juices now though. Single best thing is sunshine to get rid of it. Anyone who is afraid to go out in the sun just suck it up get out there and it will be gone in no time. Daily moisturiser that I use that really helps is Organic Coconut oil give that stuff a go, smells good too much better than some of the coal tar creams.

  4. rachael njoki says:

    my nama is rachael njoki am a kenyan and have struggled with psoriasis for the last 20 years like now it is so severe and itchy. the polytar shampoo which i used is no more, its actually out of stock.

  5. Rex Le says:

    I miss the updates as well. Lol. Good to hear you’re still alive bro!

    • redblob says:

      Haha, cheers Rex! Alive and kicking for now! Will be back swinging soon enough. I’m glad to say that my P is doing super well 🙂

      • Dave says:

        Good news Jack. Was going to post, if anyone uses petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in the UK, possibly the US too, if you have a branch of “Boots” the pharmacy chain, they have a Boots baby petroleum jelly which soaks in straight away and tends not to leave greasy skin, ideal if you wear long sleeved shirts for example. I find it much better than the thick stuff.

  6. Henrik Svensson says:

    I miss updates!

    • redblob says:

      Hey Henrik! Updates coming soon 🙂 A lot has happened in my life recently, a lot of big changes. I’ll be back soon, and I appreciate you checking in.

  7. Nora says:

    I too have scalp psoriasis and it is driving me crazy. Some days for no apparent reason it is way worse than others. Will the coconut oil help the burning feeling and red spots? How do you use the coconut oil on your scalp?


  8. Rakesh says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have been suffering from psoriasis for 5-6 years, I have all kinds of psoriasis including scalp, inverse and guttate 🙁 . For the last 4-5years I have been using coconut oil and applying to scalp and also having ACV daily in the morning. My scalp psoriasis is almost gone, at least no visible flakes and patches. The main pain is inverse psoriasis, I have been applying Aveno sensitive moisture cream daily 2 times in the genital area, but still sometimes in the night I am getting unbearable itching.

  9. rezzoug nadir says:

    Hello, I’ve had this sickness about 10 years. I’ve tried many products but the good thing which I suggest to you is to go in the sea and the sun, and then you will become better. Try to forget this sickness. Another way is that there is oil which is taken from the shark and it has a lot of benefit for this condition. Good luck everybody. Kikou from Algeria.

  10. Dave. says:

    Hi Jack, great site. I have had P since I was 11… I’m now 52. Nothing excessive just patches on my arms, legs and scalp. Just been abroad for a week, don’t know why but the skin reproduced at an alarming rate while I was away, so badly that I had to sweep the floor daily and had to cover my arms and legs because it was all red raw and bleeding, the itching was so intense. Surfing the Kindle I came across Pagano’s books, started the diet straight away, take ACV twice a day, also green barley grass powder with aloe vera juice, turmeric with black pepper and olive oil , also a tablespoon of hemp oil twice a day. I also rub the hemp oil on the patches twice a day. I do have steroid ointments and Dermalex, neither very successful, haven’t used them at all. After just a week there is no more build up of skin, the patches are just pink, no irritation whatsoever, the scalp P is almost non-existent and I feel better than I have in years! The turmeric and ACV tip I found on your site so a big thanks for that, it’s now a diet for life. Well done mate and thanks a million.


    • redblob says:

      That’s awesome Dave! I’m glad to hear ACV and turmeric are helping out. Great stuff! Pagano’s books are rock solid and have a lot of good diet modifications. Fantastic that its clearing up so well after only a week – clearly you’re on the right track. All the best.

  11. Jeanette Smit says:

    I suffer from hand and feet psoriasis and my feet are cracked beyond believe, can’t walk properly can’t work out and my life is not nice.

    • Linda says:

      Same here I stay in Mumbai, India. I am suffering psoriasis on the palms and feet and cannot walk properly due to pain… Hope the ACV will help.

  12. Lily says:

    Hey Redblob. I just read your blog and I want to say thanks. I had heard about Bragg’s ACV but somehow foolishly blanked the information. I am on it, immediately noticed relief on plaques when applied topically and now intend trying the drink also. It seems to have so many other benefits too. I am so grateful to you, thank you again, and your blog is also hilarious, you should be a writer (maybe you are).

  13. Johnny says:

    Dude you’re the man for doing this site. I’ve wanted to for a while. My psoriasis is of the worst kind because it is not all over but below the waist and elbows. I have also tried everything. Number one really is stress. When I get all weird about something it flares up. Super embarrassing and has ruined a lot of relationships. Any and all genital psoriasis remedies you’ve heard of would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried everything. Nothing has cleared it for longer then a week. Mahalo for everything ! Aloha Johnny

    • redblob says:

      Yo Johnny. Cheers for stopping by. Sorry to hear about the genital woes, hope it has improved since you left the comment. What is your current treatment protocol for the P? Do you have a good hypoallergenic moisturiser / Vaseline? Skin around the genitals is particularly sensitive and thin, so it needs VIP care.

  14. Isaac says:


    Such a relief to find this site. I am 27, turning 28 in April, and have been struggling with P since 2008. I just started narrow band uvb treatment today, and I am really hoping that helps.

    I take a turmeric supplement (with bioprene), and also purchased the oatmeal soap you recommended, so we’ll see how that goes. I wanted to first and foremost thank you for making this site. Really great to see someone my age who is going through the same stressful battle as I am.

    I had some follow up questions to your blog that I was hoping you could answer for me.

    1. I purchased some Apple cider vin (braggs), and was wondering how much you drink a day, and what is the most successful way you have used it as a topical? I have read that a tablespoon in a cup of water is good to drink daily, and that you can put it directly on your scalp?

    2. What is your current diet? Have you tried removing gluten? Soy? Sugar? What do you eat on a day to day basis? Have you cut out alcohol as well?

    3. I am thinking of trying wheatgrass, or spirulina, have you tried either?

    I think that’s all for now. Just want to get down the diet thing so that I am supporting my body as best I can while I go through the narrow band uvb treatment.

    Thank you so much for putting this site together, and I look forward to reading your response!!

    Best Regards,

    • redblob says:

      Hi Isaac. Thanks so much for commenting and sorry about the delay. I’ve been mad busy with the old 9-to-5 recently. More like 9-to-9 but nevermind! Glad to hear that you’re trying out the turmeric and soap. I’d love to hear an update on if they’re working for you.

      1. I started off with 1 tablespoon in a cup of water and moved up to 3 once I acquired a taste for it. Half an hour before meals works for me! For topical use I normally dilute it, but I have known of people putting it straight on. This largely depends on how sore your psoriasis is. If it burns you know to add a bit of the H2O!

      2. My diet is simple. So simple I only have like 10 ingredients, mostly fresh vegetables. Its boring but it works. Like today, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, an apple and avocado for lunch and a cabbage soup for dinner. Michelin star rating here I come!

      I’m not always successful at sticking to it, but I’m trying to follow a gluten and dairy-free diet, with minimal artificial sugars. Coffee is one item that I just can’t sacrifice! I rarely drink alcohol and try to stick to spirits as I tolerate them better. Beer can feed Candida as its so highly fermented, if you believe that.

      3. I’m a fan of phytonutrients in general. The greener the better, as that normally signifies it has anti-inflammatory properties. That said I don’t take wheatgrass or spirulina regularly as they’re expensive where I live. We have powdered kale here that is good to add to smoothies, but its the same story – $$$! Normally I stick to plain old regular green juice.

      Take care and all the best! Keep me posted.

  15. ursula says:

    Hi Bob,
    this is a really great and very positive site. I had a really bad guttate psoriasis following a strep throat infection. The dermatologist said that the breakout was caused either by the infection itself or the antibiotic used to treat it. The breakout was mostly on my face and neck with each spot starting as a small dot and growing to a red coin-sized lesion within days. After a number of months it disappeared fortunately. However I do still have some scalp psoriasis which is much milder but still inconvenient.

    I can really empathize with those suffering from it on an ongoing basis, as when my guttate psoriasis was at its worst I really didn’t even want to meet people. I found it hard not to let it get to me as the dermatologist said that there was a 50% chance it would improve but that it could just as easily get a lot worse.

    The scalp P I have at the moment is moving onto part of my face, so am trying out apple cider vinegar now. I find if I have work/study stress it gets worse, which was then stressing me out even more. I now try to think of my P as an over-sensitive smoke alarms that goes off every time you slightly burn toast. Its a signal to manage my stress but not something to get upset about. I will see how AVC works out and may try turmeric. Thanks for recommendations.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Ursula. That’s a great metaphor for psoriasis! I tend to think of it in similar terms – a flare-up is just a sign that my lifestyle is out of balance and I need to shift something, whether its diet, my work/life balance, or whatever. I hope the apple cider vinegar brought you as much relief as it’s brought others on here.

  16. Andrea says:

    Hi Jack!
    I was just doing a bit of research when I came across your website and I love all of your articles! I’m a 16 year old girl and I have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. My story is a bit like yours; I’ve been lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian, I’ve tried countless topical cream, light treatments, all juice diet, lots of exercise, even fat from an emu. Nothing I have tried works for long and is so frustrating not being in control. The cream i use on my face also makes me break out like crazy! I struggle to find 45 minutes of my day to apply all of the topical creams I am prescribed. My skin is always cracking and bleeding(one time through my shirt at school) and it’s so embarrassing. Going to the beach is a hassle and showering dries out my skin. Do you have any suggestions for teens who struggle to find time and who just want to be normal?

    • Jamie says:

      I saw your comments on here andrea. Just wanted to make a few simple suggestions if I may. It’s not my blog but I definitely know what its like to struggle with psoriasis. My first suggestion is the use of natural antifungals and probiotics. Secondly, using vaseline directly when you get out of the shower will really help the drying. It helps tremendously to find the right kind of soap as well.

      Jack suggests a few good ones in his blog on the topic of soap. Look for soaps free of parabens and sulfates. Use wikipedia to look at soap ingredients-it will help you to know what exactly you are putting on your skin. Hope this helps some. It takes time to see a difference. You got to prepare yourself and be willing to wait for results but its better than doing nothing at all for it in my opinion. Take care.

  17. lisawinter2014 says:

    Hi Jack,

    I too have noticed improvement with more sun exposure, particularly in a humid climate or on the coast. If too dry, the improvement is not as good. I will consider the phototherapy thing at some point – too much to take on at the moment.

    I just started with turmeric, slippery elm and milk thistle thanks to your advice. I’ve been seeing a Chinese herbalist for the past month & a half which has helped the quality of the spots quite a lot, but it’s costing me a pile of cash every visit (and I mean cash – she insists on cash-only payment). Perhaps down the road, with your supplement suggestions and phototherapy, I can get off the Chinese herbs before it completely milks my bank account.

    As for coffee, I feel as you do about it and drink it with coconut milk creamer (no sugar) because I do like that creamy addition. I suspected it could be somewhat of a trigger so I might try staying off it at some point – not yet though!

    I have had little contact with anyone dealing with this, so I could be bugging you some more in the future!

    Thanks again for your site and reply. You’re the best!


  18. redblob says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your nice comment. My ego has officially gotten bigger 🙂

    Let’s see, my take on phototherapy is that I like it. The longest and fastest remission I ever had was in 2008, when I went hitchhiking to Morocco and was out in the sun all day everyday. Getting adequate sun exposure and enough vitamin D3 is essential.

    That being said, phototherapy is a different kettle of fish altogether. 3x a week sounds reasonable – just make sure the salon uses the appropriate tanning beds for P! Narrowband UVB clears it faster.

    I’ve found coffee to be a sin for my skin, but I can’t stop drinking it. I need it. Going easy on the milk and sugar helps limit its detrimental effects, I’ve found, though it is an acquired taste.

    Thanks for writing in and reading!


  19. lisawinter2014 says:

    Hello Jack / Crusty / Psoriasis Blob,

    I am beyond grateful to have found your blog. If nothing else, it’s such a relief to hear other people’s stories and know I am not alone in my struggles.

    I have a couple questions for you:

    – What’s your take on phototherapy? My dermatologist (who I no longer see due to ineffectual treatments, e.g. steroid creams) recommended this in the form of 3X-week visits to a tanning booth. I have not tried it and am curious if you have and if it’s something you recommend – or not. Not crazy about the idea personally.

    – What’s your take on coffee? The giving up of a fine cocktail is bad enough but I truly would love to be able to have my coffee if not too unkind to the old skin.

    Thanks so much for being here and sharing your experiences!


    • Debbie says:

      Hi Lisa, What has helped me is to consume more alkalizing foods rather than acidic foods and coffee is very acidic. However, I too, missed drinking coffee. I found a product at the health food store called Teeccino. It’s a herbal coffee alternative and I love it. It doesn’t have caffeine – so if that’s what you’re craving it won’t help – but if it’s the taste that you miss – try Teeccino!

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