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Say Goodnight To Psoriasis With A DermaTherapy Bed Sheet

Psoriasis white bedding

Mmm… fresh white bedding. It’s a short-lived sight when you have P!

Get those party poppers out and get ready to do some cartwheels, flakers. I’ve just found the best bed sheets for psoriasis!

I know how it sounds. You need some heavy-duty steroids to get that epidemic crust looking like it belongs on a human, not a stupid bed sheet. Right? Not exactly.

I pretty much hate bed sheets

When my psoriasis was at its worst, I’d climb into bed on a nicely crisp, perfectly clean sheet, and wake up at 6am lying in a messy beige heap of dead skin cells. Not a pretty sight, especially for the girlfriend! Other people with psoriasis have even worse horror stories with bedding.

One guy I know called Steven travels a lot, and stays in numerous hotels as a result. He tells me his most awkward moments occur in the morning, when cleaners discover blood streaks on his bed. During flare-ups the scene looks like a bloodbath from Saw. They proceed to change sheets, and 8 times out of 10 his flakes fall off like an avalanche on the carpet. Yeah, awkward.

I even received an email recently from a lady with psoriasis who has a MINI VACUUM for sucking up her skin flakes in the morning. She wakes up, grabs her hand-sized hoover, and scoops them up before getting ready for work. Can you imagine that?

The good news is that this can be improved immensely! And not by using biologics, wrapping yourself in Clingfilm every night or sleeping in a black bin bag that you dispose of in the morning. No, by using the right bed sheets!

Don’t underestimate good bedding!

Having the right bedding is key if you want to drop off into a blissful night’s sleep with psoriasis. I just wished I realised this earlier.

Over the past ten years, I’ve probably spent a total of 3 minutes and 27 seconds thinking about bed sheets. I mean, they’re pieces of fabric you lie on for a few hours until morning. Nothing to blow your hair back.

But, I did notice that different fabrics can have a noticeable impact on your quality of sleep. Thin polyester sheets, for example, are a big no no. They irritate your skin.

Cotton is much better. 100% cotton is great. It keep you cool, lets your skin breathe, and absorbs moisture in those sweaty summer months. But there’s something even better.

Say hello to “DermaTherapy”

One of my close friends recently recommended these DermaTherapy sheets to me, and they are incredible. They’re actually medically approved for psoriasis and eczema, and have a specially engineered fabric that makes them as smooth as silk.

Essentially, the fabric is so smooth that it cuts down drastically the abrasion between the fabric and your skin.In fact, it has a “coefficient of friction” of 0.5 –  less than half of cotton, which is 1.1. That means less flaking because your skin is not getting caught on the different fibres in the fabric.

What’s more, it’s also treated with a special finish that helps to release stains caused by blood and greasy ointments, which means you don’t have to soak your sheets in a bucket of bleach every two or three days because of your psoriasis!

Other flakers love it too!

Here’s what other reviewers said about these sheets on Amazon:

“Love these sheets”

By “Caroline”: I love these sheets! They have allowed me to get more rest at night. I have had psoriasis for many years and these sheets feel great against my skin. I am so thankful to finally find something that helps me sleep more comfortably. My skin does not tear against these sheets.

“A must have if you suffer from psoriasis”

By “A & K’s Mom”: I have suffered with psoriasis my whole life and nighttime was always rough until I found these sheets. The material is very soft and silky and my skin doesn’t feel nearly as itchy as it does when sleeping on regular sheets.

“No more itching”

By “Marisa Olsen”: My skin is looking and feeling 10 times better.

Where to get it

Amazon sells the DermaTherapy sheets at a pretty competitive price. If you’d like to read more about them or see what kind of deals they have on, you can click on the following link, too.

They may be on the expensive side, but these sheets are a worthwhile investment. You spend nearly a third or a quarter of your life sleeping, and with psoriasis, you want to get the most relaxing, stress-busting sleep possible, because it’s vital for your skin! I would doubly recommend them for people with extensive coverage that affects their sleep quality.

If they’re a bit out your price range, I advise you to at least get something that is fully, 100% cotton.

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4 Responses to Say Goodnight To Psoriasis With A DermaTherapy Bed Sheet

  1. Kayla says:

    I love my organic cotton sheets but will be saving for these, too bad they don’t make a couch slip cover I have to vacuum that daily to spare my BF a gross out, but my bed doesn’t get the brute of my flakes. Since its FDA approved would insurance possibly cover them? Cheers

    • redblob says:

      Not sure Kayla, but it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s widely accepted that certain materials aggravate skin conditions, so if one is found medically to have a therapeutic affect, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be. I’ve never lived in the US, so unfortunately don’t have any personal experience. Do let me know how your experience goes with DermaTherapy if you get one!

  2. Rachel says:

    Fantastic news about the sheets. I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 13 (now 46) and amongst other embarrassments, brushing my skin off bed sheets in front of my boyfriend has to be an all time low!! Love this blog and eagerly await new posts!!

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