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Stalin and Other Famous People with Psoriasis!

Psoriasis doesn’t care if you have DD boobs, a fat wallet or a Grammy; it will take your skin, stomp all over it and rip it into tiny shreds regardless!  Just take a look at the following list of rich, famous and evil people who have it or had it.

Joseph Stalin – 1878 to 1953

In a list of famous people with psoriasis, Stalin has to be included!

This comrade was red all over

The dead dictator of the Soviet Union had really bad psoriasis.

Not only did he pull the “iron curtain” across Europe and preside over a regime that killed at least 10 million, but he also killed a doctor that couldn’t treat his psoriasis.

That’s right, this old comrade had two major itches he couldn’t scratch – the West and psoriasis. It was a source of great irritation to the moustached man. When his personal physician, Dr. Kazakow, could not cure his itchy skin with his controversial “lysate” treatment, he had the poor man sent to the firing squad.

Would Stalin have been such a tyrant if he didn’t have psoriasis? Probably, but I’m pretty sure he must have been extra horrid during those flare-ups!

Pablo Escobar – 1949 to 1993

Pablo Escobar comes 2nd in our list of famous people with psoriasis

It’s not coke damnit, it’s my moustache psoriasis!

This famous Colombian drug lords was responsible for a lot of white stuff – and I’m not talking about cocaine here. He had insane amounts of psoriasis and left a trail of white scales everywhere he went.

El Patrón, as he was known, was a major drug figurehead in his heyday, smuggling tonnes of that good stuff into the U.S. every single day. He was quite clever too, using everything from planes to remote controlled submarines. His efforts paid off big time and he eventually built up his cartel into an empire, of which his own personal worth was valued at USD $9 billion.

Not much is known about how he treated his psoriasis, although lines of coke and drug enforcement agents knocking at your door probably didn’t help control it.

Vladimir Nabokov – 1899 to 1977

Nabokov once contemplated suicide because of psoriasis

Don’t do it Nabokov!

A Russian-American novelist and short story writer famous for penning Lolita, Nabokov was driven to the brink of suicide by psoriasis.

After one particularly bad outbreak of psoriasis, he wrote a letter to his wife saying: “The indescribable torments I endured in February drove me to the border of suicide – a border I was not authorised to cross because I had you in my luggage.”

I haven’t managed to find much more about how badly he was affected or how he treated it. As one of my favourite writers, I’m glad he managed to endure it though.

Ben Franklin – 1706 to 1790

As a founding father, Franklin also makes the cut for this list of famous people with psoriasis

What’s underneath your hat, Ben? Show us, Ben. Show us.

Ben Franklin was never seen without that damn coonskin hat on his head. Wonder why? Many think it’s because he had terrible scalp psoriasis and didn’t want anyone to see those white flakes peppering his clothes.

Old Ben even kept a detailed journal of his struggle with the condition, all the way back in the 1770s and 1780s.

He was reported to have suffered particularly bad flare-ups when he was helping to draft the Declaration of Independence, at which point it had spread down his arm, making it hard to write and use his hands. In one entry close to the date, he writes: “The disorder seems to be increasing again, and appears upon my hands!”

Byron Janis – Born 1928

Byron Janis, the well-known pianist, also joins our list of famous people with psoriasis

Notice how the thumb is carefully concealed

This legendary concert pianist kept up playing the piano through bouts of excruciating psoriatic arthritis that affected his hands and wrists for decades.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, he continued playing even after surgery made his left thumb much shorter, hampering his ability to reach the next octave.

Byron is also credited with unearthing two Chopin waltzes in 1967. All because he kept plodding on despite his psoriasis!

Do you know any other famous people with psoriasis? Leave a comment!

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