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Flake Update: My 10 Day Water Fast For Psoriasis

So, what would you like for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

This post is going to be about a ten day water fast I completed some years ago in the summer to try and heal my psoriasis.

The good: my skin improved by leaps and bounds. The bad: hallucinations by day 8 were a bit unsettling.

To begin at the beginning, fasting is powerful stuff. It allows your body to stop expending most of its energy on digestion, and put all of that into repairing itself and flushing out toxins.

I was partially motivated to try it by my sister, who had done various intermittent fasts in the past to alleviate her rheumatoid arthritis. They helped her, and at that point I was convinced I would see similar benefits for my psoriasis.

The type of fasting I did was simple: plain old H2O. No juice, no tea, no urinotherapy if that floats your boat, just good old water.

The first few days

The first few days were excruciating! I spent most of the time chilling out in my bedroom and watching all ten seasons of Friends, and I could literally not stop thinking about food. Every little whiff of food exploded a torrent of saliva in my mouth. I was like Pavlov’s dog.

To understand why you have to consider where the body gets its energy. In simple terms it’s either through directly consuming the food we eat, or by metabolizing stored energy, such as fat, and yes, even other body tissue – such your own intestines. Like a cannibal.

To switch to the second mode, which is called ketosis, it takes a couple of days. In my case it took three… but once it happens you no longer feel hungry. At all. You also pretty much stop pooping at that point, which is pretty neat.

Yeah, I didn’t have any bowel movements for a week. I felt as light as a feather. My body was detoxifying and I could feel myself becoming healthier and more energetic. And no, that wasn’t starvation-induced euphoria.

Body fat percentage

Let’s just say I was leaning more towards Arnold than Brad.

No, you won’t die

The biggest challenge with going on a water fast is having to deal with people who adamantly believe you’re psychotic and will probably die in a couple of days from starvation.

That may be true, if you’re already lean. For those that have a body-fat percentage of below 10%, I wouldn’t recommend fasting for that long because you literally don’t have a lot of stored energy sources to burn through to begin with.

Luckily, I was chubby at that point in my life, and knew I had plenty of rolls to feed my belly for ten days. The other side-effect is that I did lose quite a lot of weight; it was roughly 8 kg in a week.

Things get interesting

To recap my experience, everything went great the first week, and then it went a bit downhill.

Days 1 to 3: Could not stop thinking about food. My own flakes looked delicious. I was obsessed to the point of having borderline OCD symptoms. No change in psoriasis symptoms.

Day 3 to 7: Massive energy boost as my body went into ketosis. Bowel movements stop because I’m empty. Feeling great. Psoriasis patches are smooth, no discernible flaking at all.

Day 7 to 10: I’m still feeling great, but fatigue is creeping in. Memory gets worse. Mild hallucinatory-like mental feelings. Psoriasis still looking great.

By the end of the ten day water fast, I started feeling worse. And this is to be expected, so it didn’t really faze me. When fasting, your body goes through such rapid and heavy detoxification that you experience die-off symptoms from all the toxins being expelled. I knew that.

But my summer holidays were coming to an end, and it was unsustainable for me to go back to university and continue it there. I would have ended up getting dragged out of a lecture with someone’s elbow in my mouth.

What I took away from it

I am very glad that I did my ten day water fast.

My psoriasis did not go away completely, but I stopped flaking completely. My patches had been reduced to slightly raised areas of pink.

The self-discipline factor alone is also reason enough to do it. Afterwards, I literally felt like a boss for having such mental control, and I’m still proud of it today.

Another benefit was that it reset my taste-buds and showed the extent to which I had been conditioned to eating food. The power it had over me. With this realization it made it a lot easier for me to restrict my diet in the years to come.

But would I do it again? I’m not too sure. I have successfully done a five day water fast too, and think it’s great for kick-starting a round of detoxification for your body.

However, I currently think that, if you have a nine to five, and an active social life, it’s nigh on impossible to do a ten day water fast without affecting your productivity and other areas of life.

In this respect, fresh juice fasting, with green juices, is the best balance.  For one, you give your body a partial rest as the digestion load is reduced, and secondly, you pump yourself full of inflammation-fighting nutrients. It’s a win, win.


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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

32 Responses to Flake Update: My 10 Day Water Fast For Psoriasis

  1. Cheryl J Lawson says:

    I am 61 yrs old and have had psoriasis since I was 12. I underwent chemo for several years, which has caused osteoarthritis in my knees and hips. I have tried everything there is for my skin, some more effective than others. In the past three months I have eliminated dairy and animal products..going to a whole plant based diet, including intermittent fasting (only eating within an 8 hr period each day). I am no longer using Humira and am having excellent results. Within a week, there was no longer pain in my knees and my skin is clearing. I am getting ready to do a five-day fast at the beginning of each month to determine the impact of that on my skin.

  2. Hi can u tell me what soap you used to wash u with thanx

  3. Roger says:

    Anyone tried Xtrac laser therapy (or variation thereof), any red or blue light led therapy – if so, what if any results did you see and were the results sustained. Very interested I Boston.

  4. Graeme says:

    I tried the 10 day water fast in the hopes of it helping my eczema and psoriasis. My eczema improved a little but didn’t help my psoriasis. I did lose 7kg and dropped a waist size – so was grateful for that. I will do this fast once a year but purely for detoxing and not for its impact on my skin conditions. I’ve had much better skin results from taking ACV + Curcumin

  5. Clint says:

    Great Lakes gelatin has almost completely healed my psoriasis in about a month

  6. ak says:

    For me, wheat & oatmeal causes Psoriasis. When I tried fasting (ate big meals, no wheat products, every 12 hours) it made my psoriasis worse! I went back to eating 3 meals per day. I’ll only eat wheat & oatmeal on weekends.

  7. Edgar De Guzman says:

    I’ve been locked up with psoriasis for all 49 years of my life and it’s been a hell of a life when I was on my younger age of 5 until I was 24. I was on different medications a tried a few dozens of doctors as well as quack doctors but all have failed to suppress it’s outbreak. On my older days I manage to control it my taking prednisone but I didn’t like the after effect. Thanks God I come across this article and would surely try turmeric and ACV. I won’t loose anything by trying but surely I would like to get rid of this thing so I can live my remaining life going out of th house wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, dive on the pool at daytime where I usually go to the pool during night time where there are only few people around. It would be a life changing for me.

  8. Adam says:

    I’m 32, from Connecticut. I’ve been falling with psoriasis for almost 18 years and just started using Bragg regularly. I’ve been taking 5mg of prednisone each morning for almost three months and I’ve seen more progress from using Bragg for the past couple weeks than I have in almost three months of these meds. I have a couple tablespoons throughout the day and have found creative ways to fit it into my diet. Tea with ACV and lemon is great, and salad dressing with Bragg and EVOO is awesome. I’m already seeing the flakes start to dry up. My next appointment is on the 19th where I’m going to ask to have my meds reduced. Thank you so much, Jack!

  9. Cam says:

    I’m 29, Southern California. I have been dealing with psoriasis off and on for about 10 years. I have been using Clobetasol, Betamethasone and Triamcinolone ointments and at times Prednisone orally which are strong steroids that can have dangerous side effects. Lately it appears the psoriasis is ignoring the treatment. I started trying alternative things such as ACV and in 3 days of applying topical I noticed an improvement. Tea Tree Oil is another great antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal option which smells great and has many benefits.

  10. Daniel says:

    Hey, just stopping by Randolph and Petting so know that this was not a detox experience. It was because you are vegan amino acid deficient. When I eat less than 30 g of protein per day for about 7 days max my psoriasis magically disappears as well. It is probably because with fasting you are inhibiting motor production. I have a gene mutation and this gene is not just associated with psoriasis bu also with chronic gut inflammation. After protein fasting for 10 days I followed the AIP diet for 2 months. My psoriasis came back only after a few months when I started reintroducing foods like nuts and eggs. I will do it again but as you said it is hard to pull off with job and stuff.

  11. SP says:

    You could try drinking a tbs of hemp oil and applying it topically. Hemp oil is not cannabis as many tend to think. Hemp oil does wonders for several different ailments (skin too). You should see some results in a couple of days and more after that. It is anti inflammatory so helps anything related to that (from pimples to cancer cells).
    best of luck!

  12. lanie says:

    I made a paste out of turmeric, ginger, cumin, curry and Vaseline. I put it on at night and cover it with paper tape. I’ve done this for 2 nights and have already seen a difference . You must cover it or it will stain it washes off of skin easily. I have also mixed these ingredients minus Vaseline and put on my oatmeal or mix in water. I am willing to try anything. I haven’t worn shorts or Capri in 16 years and I live in MS. I think taking cold showers have helped also.

  13. Takemeawayxo says:

    I’ve only just stumbled across your blog. I am 26 and have had psoriasis for around 11 years now. Still can’t understand it 🙁

  14. Yoshanne says:

    Thanks for this. I am now suffering psoriasis for almost 4 years. And it really affects self-esteem. :3

  15. Matthew says:

    Were you still using any medication (for your psoriasis) while you were fasting?

  16. Tonya monroe says:

    Would love to see how the apple cider vinegar works. I actually found this blog when I googled apple cider vinegar and psoriasis. Will keep you posted on results!! T. Monroe

  17. kaitlyn says:

    Hi it’s good to know I am not the only one. In this age group with this sucker. I have scalp psoriasis.. would applying turmeric directly to scalp work? Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Jim Nguyen says:

      My scalp psoriasis flare ups was felt by an itchy scalp, which if I unconsciously scratched would lead to psoriasis plaques which got larger the longer I scratched. Isopropyl alcohol worked well to stop the itch and eventually would go away. It never gets plaque when I use alcohol for the itch, when I’m conscious of it. I applied with q-tips. My scalp is oily so drying out wasn’t an issue, might consider some moisturizer if your scalp isn’t dry. I also have psoriasis in other areas which alcohol helps the itch but doesn’t stop the plaque, knees. However, I’ve been dieting and fasting to drop 40lbs, which has now has eliminated psoriasis in one knee area and almost all of the other one. Diet at this point is no sugar, refined carbs, lchf (keto) and when i can manage, intermittent fasting.

  18. atjags says:

    Hi. Am from india. Was suffering from severe psoriasis. Got some stuff. Am on a herbal medicine.

  19. Jodie says:

    Hey… I love your blog and find it Amazing!
    so happy someone out there is writing a blog as good as this…. Please write more 🙂

  20. Emmanuel Ayala says:

    Hey Pal, thanks for this web page! I’ve been reading most of the entries and tried half of them, I found good results in epson salts and green tea, that was a little big improvement for me. I haven’t disappeared my flakes yet but I think I’m in a good direction.

    What has made the best improvement on my skin has been oats in water over my body before moisturizer. Patches less red and softer. Maybe the next entry should be about oats?

    I would suggest to add the date of every post, just for de record.


    • Mary-Taylor Valand says:

      Finally someone my age struggling with the same problem that I am, and trying out different ways to cope with it FOR ME. Haha. On a serious note, I am so happy I found this blog. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

      • redblob says:

        Thank you 🙂 I must have been a guinea pig in my past life. Glad that you like it and cheers for leaving a comment! I have a few other things I’m experimenting with for my psoriasis that I will be blogging about soon… *Puts on goggles and slinks off to laboratory*

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