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Flake Update: My Absence and The Return of Flakelets

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long. I think its been close to ten months. Bad, flaker, bad!

A whole lot has happened during that time, and much of it not skin related. Life took a few unexpected turns and I ended up moving to Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) for work. It’s a great city and I’m enjoying the experience, but blogging and psoriasis took a back seat there for a while. But now I’m back!

My view in Belgrade

My view in Belgrade

As you could probably tell from the title of this post, my little flakelet friends have made a reappearance. I blame it on the rakija (a great brandy normally made from plum that’s big in the Balkans) and burek (an amazingly fatty meat pastry that incidentally is perfect with a few rakija).

That’s not to say I’ve fallen off the healthy eating and green juice bandwagon; I just haven’t been OCDish about it as I once was.

One part of the reason is that for around half a year in 2015 I was completely, 100 per cent clear. My skin was so nice and peachy it looked photoshopped. Well almost. I got a bit too friendly with the tarmac last year. I took a few spills on my scooter and turns out skidding along the road at 60 km on your skin isn’t that great. Unless you’re exfoliating, in which case its fantastic.

Psoriasis on my left hand

Where have you been psoriasis, old buddy, old pal!?

So where am I right now? Here’s a shot of my left hand where you can see some pinkish psoriasis bits around my thumb and palm. I have a few more on my elbows. In general I would rate it maybe 7.5/10, with 10 being good.

The thing is, I’m not perturbed by the P peeping up again, at all. I know what I have to do in terms of diet and I’m juicing the hell out of spinach on a daily basis. Plus eating tonnes of turmeric and curcumin supplements when I can. So I’m sure it will clear up in a few weeks.

During my absence I’ve continued to talk to flakers through my Facebook page and email, and it’s been overwhelming how many of you have written in with thanks and stories of how my blog is helping. And I want to continue that.

So over the next few months I’m going to focus on what my psoriasis regime is like and keep sharing the things that work for me. Like sea buckthorn oil. I discovered it late last year and right now have around 10 bottles stocked around my flat. It’s a killer anti-inflammatory and works especially well on the gut. One drawback: It’s pretty thick and lets say “flavorful”. Like gag-inducing flavorful. I’ll let you know all about it soon.

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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

10 Responses to Flake Update: My Absence and The Return of Flakelets

  1. Megan says:

    Just found this site and I’m so thankful for your story. I’m in nursing school in the US and I’m completely covered with those flakey friends. It’s hard working in the hospital since everyone thinks P is contagious and my friends tell me to “just put lotion on it.” My self esteem is at an all time low but learning that I am not alone in this journey is very helpful. Thank you and keep posting!

  2. Glad to hear from you again! Enjoy Europe, what a wonderful experience. I really appreciate your blog, as I have been struggling in the last 5 years. Your site has given me renewed energy to pursue controlling it via diet, exercise and supplements! I am getting there; I would probably do better if I was better in keeping my diet more alkaline! (Dang red wine!)

    Keep it up! Thanks!

  3. Jane says:

    I have had psoriasis since I was six years old, and I am now 62. Over the years, I have experienced major breakouts followed by clearings. Lately, I have great results taking tumeric capsules that contain black pepper and lecithin. I have been taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening and have been clear two months now. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi,
    I signed up for this blog a while back, but then forgot about it. I guess because you stopped posting. I am having the worst psoriasis of my long life with it 40+ years at this point. I was first diagnosed as a kid. Recently a new dermatologist prescribed a biologic, but I haven’t started it. I don’t think I want to, but steroid creams are just not working any more. Plus I have so much covering so much of my body that it takes too much damn time!! Can you tell me more about your diet. I hate diets, but maybe for some psoriasis relief, I’d give it a go.

  5. rexlerex says:

    Glad to hear from you again, bro!

  6. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to more of your posts. And congrats on the move, hope all is going well in Europe.

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