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Flake Update: Fingerprints and psoriasis

*Beep. Please try again.*

*Beep. Please try again.*

I work at an airline where, until recently, I had to spend half the morning ramming my fingers into a fingerprint scanner to clock in.

It was a major drag. I’d rush to work on my scooter, run inside and… spend the next 10 minutes repeatedly stabbing the little machine as a queue of muttering pilots and ground staff slowly formed behind, waiting.

The reason? Psoriasis. Instead of nicely ridged digits, I had fingers with skin that looked like ham, and you can’t scan a smooth piece of delicious ham.

The finger

Fingerprints psoriasis 2

Fingerprints? They went that way, sausage man.

When I joined, I had to go to Human Resources to get my prints taken, and that was an ordeal in itself.

The only two fingers that the machine accepted was the middle finger on my right hand, and my left pinky. So every time I clocked in, I had to either flip the bird or pop my pinky like some kind of aristocrat.

Eventually I got so tired of wasting half my life with the scanner that I requested my own separate pass code. Out of 700 people, I was one of the lucky few to get one, and probably one of the only employees with psoriasis.

The workaround was great – until last week, when the system went down and I had to go back to the dreaded scanner.

Welcome back, prints

I fully expected to stand there, once again finger-butting the machine, but that didn’t happen. It worked the first time!

That’s right, flakers, my 1 in 7 billion prints are back! I won’t be able to commit robbery or evade the police as easily, but its nice having those little personal lines again.

I had quite extensive plaque psoriasis on my fingers and palms, but it is 85% better now, and the funny thing is that I didn’t even notice. They just creeped back, one sneaky ridge at a time.

I can’t pin the recovery down on any one factor – it’s a combination of diet, anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric, and good, natural soap.

Oh, and gloves. I bought a multipack of 200 recently, like the Dynarex ones here. Every time I have to do any any scrubbing or nuke the toilet, I snap them on and think of my little protected stubs. Think of your stubs!


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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

5 Responses to Flake Update: Fingerprints and psoriasis

  1. ben says:

    I wanted to post on the subject of psoriatic fingernails and toe nails. I have had a good deal of success in treating my nails by simply gently filing the surfaces with a nail file and then twice a week washing them with organic apple cider vinegar. The nails are largely (e.g. 95%) healed now. I think I have to keep doing this, but frankly it’s not a big deal to do so. I keep a bottle of the vinegar on my bathroom sink, and some cotton balls, and I wash my nails with that. Not sure why it works. I suspect it has to do with the acidity of the vinegar as well as possibly some of the minerals contained in the apple vinegar.

  2. Shawn D says:

    As someone who has also researched alot of this stuff, figured I would chime in to help. If you are still using tap water in the shower or for anything really, it’s full of nasty chemicals which your liver must process. If it’s overburdened this can result in Psoriasis flareups. Toxins absorbed through skin go directly into your bloodstream! Chlorine and flouride, also many other nasty pharmacueticals are found in tap water. There are reasonably priced shower filters which can clean out most of the water, research online.

  3. Amber Vaglica says:

    My 14 year old son is battling psoriasis and has for 10 years now. He is so upset and feels so alone. Is there any way you can contact him ? I will do whatever I can to help him. Actually he is without a phone athat the moment. The psoriasis is on his face, hands, arms, legs and starting on back, chest and stomach now… we have been to dermatologists and doctors with steroids but nothing helps.

  4. Augusta says:

    I’m quite embarrassed every time I go to the pool. I get in the water and when I get out, all the plaque psoriasis is white and I wipe with my towel and all this dead skin comes off. I forgot one day and was sitting on the steps with my adult daughter and rubbed my leg as it was itching. She said mother stop. I looked down at the water and it was all cloudy around my leg from rubbing. It grossed us both out. I’m so discouraged and can’t find a doctor that can help me. I now have a rash like combined withe the plaques. I was told by a GP that was also psoriasis.

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