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Genital Psoriasis: It’s Not Crabs, I Swear!

Having a red elbow or a pair of psoriatic, scaly knees is one thing. But, having a scaly vagina or penis is a WHOLE other ball game. Yes, my friends, welcome to the embarrassing world of genital psoriasis.

Many try to hide their genital psoriasis

Put your hands up if you have red hot genitalia!

Genital psoriasis affects your most intimate, sexy bits – the bits you would protect with your life, which makes it truly horrible.

It’s especially bad as it can often affect your sex life, both by how unsightly it looks and how uncomfortable it can get. Imagine whipping it out for the first time, or taking off your little black dress, and having to explain to your lover that it’s not an STI. “I swear baby, it looks a bit red but it’s not crabs” is not what memorable nights are made of.

Luckily, I have only had minor run-ins with genital psoriasis, and I’ve managed to control it really well with dabs of weak steroid creams. And let me tell you, even then it was distressing.

What type of psoriasis is it down there?

The type of psoriasis normally found around the groin area is called “inverse psoriasis.” This is the type associated with those nice and sweaty areas where skin is already quite thin and sensitive, much to our detriment.

For a man it can appear on the penis, the balls and around the bum, and for women, around the vulva, on the upper thighs, the bum, and very rarely inside the vagina.

How many people get it?

One in three get genital psoriasis

You have a 33% chance of getting it if you’re flaky

On the statistical side, genital psoriasis is actually quite common! Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and cuddly knowing that we’re not the only ones out there with blazing hot genitalia!?

It normally affects one in three people with psoriasis, and while 33% sounds like a lot, the number is probably a lot higher!

First off, many try to hide it, thinking that it’s a sexually transmitted disease.  It doesn’t blister like herpes, or cause ulcers like syphilis, but many people don’t know that. Other people are just embarrassed about going to their doctor or gynaecologist and having to unleash a scary, tomatoe-red body part on them. I’m in that category.

How do you treat it?

Like any other psoriasis patch – just remember that the skin is normally a lot thinner, sensitive and prone to damage down there.

For me, the crucial thing has been catching it at the right time. If you see one or two red spots appear, nuke them ASAP! I use a really weak hydrocortisone ointment and apply it 2 or 3 times a day until it’s gone.

But then again, I do have a penis. For women, I have spoken to other fellow psoriatics, and it seems the best bet is to stop using any washes down there and start using a natural moisturizer than doesn’t upset the vagina further. Then go to see a gyno!

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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

9 Responses to Genital Psoriasis: It’s Not Crabs, I Swear!

  1. Jess says:

    I have extremely bad genital psoriasis. I’ve had it since 2012 and haven’t been able to control it at all. I’ve used all of the pills, creams and biological drugs on the market but none of these worked for me.

    My psoriasis is even starting to badly impact my university attendance.

    I’m only 19 I should be healthy and happy but i can’t be very active, or inactive as I can’t sit down for more than half an hour, and I can’t go to the gym because it splits my skin in that area.

    Are there any natural remedies which actually work, or a drug they don’t sell in the U.K. That could work?

    • redblob says:

      Sorry to hear that Jess. Have you tried any dietary approaches? Diet plays a huge HUGE role in my psoriasis and for many others that I’ve spoken to and heard from over the years.

    • steve says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that I’m in the same boat and can not seem to control it despite of what methods I try. It’s a rough existence and really effects my confidence and thoughts of getting a relationship. It affects my moral too. I hope you find something that helps. I’ve heard cbd creams work but have not found a doctor to prescribe it for me yet. Good look and stay positive. Xx

  2. Sherry says:

    I need help with my nephew. He’s about to turn 10 and was born with psoriasis but I do not know how to help him or not to allow what’s being said to him to continue. Thankfully him and I have a wonderful relationship that so far he feels comfortable talking to me about anything. While I have NOT looked at his genitals, he says “scrotm and penis” he tells me there hot, and itchy down there so it feels like he needs to either scratch and reposition the stuck together parts or it drives him ctazy. However, it’s driving his Mom, me, his step father and all about this also. What HURtS me is it seems no one other than me wants to find a solution for him. How can I help him help his self? Aunt

  3. Carolyne says:

    Hi I have psoriasis now for over seven years and ouch . It has got worse recently due to added stress I feel and just simply flared up . I was also abroad last month in India . In India I saw a Ayurvedic doctor who promised me if I came for 15 days he could heal me, his name was Jayveen or Vidjay, so maybe next year. I have never been to the Red Sea and they also claim they can help with p! On my elbows and knees and ankles and buttocks and Vagina, fiery red in all ways…

    I have used lions leaf but run out as only got a small tub and it’s not cheap. Consists of lavender and calendula basically. 3 years ago I had light therapy ! This was successful for some time, but being a redhead they will
    not give me any more treatment as I had a mole they were concerned about .. now I face a horrid scar to go with the rest if my imperfections as far as skin goes! Next step acitretin, wish me luck? Any feedback appreciated
    So not happy Bout taking this immune system suppressing retinoid

  4. staceys says:

    Do you not find that your Psoriasis works great with a new product…and then becomes immune to being nuked by it after a short period? This has been the bane of my life for 25 years. I use Dovonex from time to time but try not to get dependent as it gets where it has no effect. This never works for severe itchiness for me personally anyway especially in intimate areas. Up until this last few days, whenever I felt like I could pelt an iron against somebody’s face due to the frustration of constant megatastic itchiness, I reached for the Dead Sea salts and bathed and bathed some more until eventually it abated. I now appear to have become immune to this and can get no relief by it. I started with an itch relief cream from Boots chemists (active ingredient:crotamiton) last week and this burned the itchiness away for an hour or two when I would then have to reapply. Now even that’s not doing the trick. Any suggestions? My next trial will be banana skin. Failing that – the scissors.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Stacey. That’s the curse of psoriasis all-right. You think you finally have it after years of being a dermatologist’s guinea pig, and then it turns around, slaps you in the face and covers your body in a red blanket. Some things come to the top of my head for itchiness. Have you tried using weak antihistamines? Most make people drowsy, but there are “daily” ones that don’t turn you into a zombie. Failing that, what about oatmeal baths? If Dead Sea salts gave you relief, you might be able to rotate them with oatmeal baths. How did the banana skin go?

    • Victory says:

      Hi Stacey. I’ve had psoriasis since birth. I am now 19. My psoriasis completely covered my body, but as I grew older it slowly began to subside due to major diet changes: no dairy products, I drink soy or almond milk and absolutely no candy or other unnecessary sugar, cakes, cookies, etc. Lastly, stay away from food coloring. Increase green foods and fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet as it helps so much, and also increasing your zinc, l-lysine, and vitamin-c intake helps greatly. It helped me clear outbreaks in little as 3 days. Staying consistent will bring results, good luck!

    • Jason says:

      Reactine helps the itch for me.

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