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New Psoriasis Drug Goes On Massive Trial

Today I woke up to a shiny, promising link on Google, saying that the largest ever clinical trial for a psoriasis treatment was under-way in the UK. And then I read that it was for a biologic, and it felt like I had just sat on a whoopee cushion.

According to Manchester University, a company called Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited has launched a massive clinical trial across 50 dermatology centres for adults with moderate to severe psoriasis. This is a big one!

The Novartis HQ

Psoriasis means big bucks!

It also quotes a 46 year old woman called Bernadette for dramatic affect, saying: “I was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 12. From that day my life changed for the worse. My confidence was shattered. My first marriage broke down due to heavy drinking. My cat ran away from me. My toenail broke off last night. I only got 78 teabags in a box that said there were 80.” I might be making up a few, but you get the point.

It doesn’t really say much more than that, such as the name of the drug, but if you want to read it, you can do so here: CLICKY.

Not interested!

I know how hard psoriasis can be, especially with extensive coverage, and that biologics can literally be life-saving when your skin’s on fire and you’re hopeless for any respite.

But, what I really want to see is a massive study on how certain lifestyles affect it, if diet is implicated, or if gluten or food allergies play a role. So far all the studies I’ve seen are very limited in scope. I want to see studies for treatments that don’t come with a 10 page booklet of side affects.

What also struck my eye is that Novartis, the company behind the study, posted net sales of USD 56.7 billion in 2012. While I’m not against Big Pharma (on the contrary, I regularly fall back on high-strength steroids, especially when the skin around my eyes flares up, making me look like a red panda), I can’t help but feel cynical about another expensive biologic raking in big bucks per flaker when there may be natural treatments out there that are not getting the funding they deserve.

Oh well, here’s dreaming!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you!! I have had this lovely condition for 4 years now (since I was 20, what sucky timing that was) and all I have heard from doctors is that I need biologics. While psoriasis is horrible, bleeding of the brain, cancer and all other potential side effects don’t sound that great to me either. I will gladly take my bags of spinach and beets and heal from the inside out 🙂 This site is really great and gives me more motivation to keep going the natural route. I had clear skin before and I will have it again damnit!

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