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The Horror Of Penile Psoriasis (And What To Do About It!)

The horror of penile psoriasis is hard to describe to those that don’t have it. Imagine your sexy, noodly appendage looking like it’s just been pulled through a paper shredder. Even if you’re into S&M and like your sausage being butchered, it’s not a fun look, let me tell you!

Now imagine slicing this with a butcher's knife.

Now imagine slicing this with a butcher’s knife.

Thankfully – so far, knock on wood – I haven’t had problems with P on the peepee.

Penile psoriasis, like psoriasis in general, can appear anywhere on your love vegetable – from the base of the shaft all the way to the top of the glans. Even if you’re circumcised or uncircumcised, it can get you. However, unlike the common plaque psoriasis, the skin looks smooth NOT rough and dry.

What penile psoriasis looks like

If you want to see what a sex machine looks like covered by psoriasis, scroll on down! If not, run away and hide in a cupboard.

It looks like a sunburnt willy, but it’s not! (Courtesy of http://www.edoctoronline.com/)

No, that's not an exotic variety of Spanish tomato. (Courtesy of http://www.dermaamin.com/)

No, that’s not an exotic variety of Spanish tomato. (Courtesy of http://www.dermaamin.com/)

Ways of easing penile psoriasis

The good thing about penile psoriasis is that there are many ways of relieving the physical discomfort (and no, not by “massaging” it with gallons of vaseline). While it may look like a desiccated salami, it can still feel great. You just have to treat it right, baby!

The more you touch it, the worse it gets. If you see psoriasis appearing, its best to go easy on the sex/masturbation, because any action will just mean further aggravating the skin and making it sore. For me, 2 to 3 days is enough for it to be back to normal.

Wear 100% cotton underwear and loose trousers. Now, you don’t have to go the way of MC Hammer and get yourself parachute pants, but hipster, penis-rubbing, skin-tight jeans are a bad choice. So is tight underwear, latex, spandex and other ridiculously groin suffocating garb. Cotton allows the skin to breathe properly and absorb extra moisture, which means that any penile psoriasis won’t be further aggravated by the type of clothes you wear. I stick to boxers, but I’m sure Y-fronts or whatever else is fine if it’s cotton.

The third words of wisdom are to use moisturizer! Moisturizing the dry areas in the morning can make the daytime more tolerable; but you will have to experiment with what brands to use to get something non-greasy (“John, is that a mayonnaise stain on your pants again?”). For me personally, a bit of vaseline works well after the shower, but other hypoallergenic creams are just as good.

How to get it back in working order

While the groin and penile area is very sensitive, and therefore can be quite difficult to treat in cases of severe penile psoriasis, it also means that it responds super quickly to creams.

The first line of attack is usually a topical treatment using a cream such as hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone in particular is one of the weakest steroid creams you can get, and it works well in the groin area.

One word of warning – since the skin is so thin, it can increase the body’s absorption of the cream to 30%. This can lead to a thinning of the skin and even discolouration. However, in my experience, if you use it SENSIBLY, it works well, even in the long-term.

For me, all it takes is 2 to 4 applications over a couple of days to stop the psoriasis before it sexually abuses my love wand. Just take a pea-sized amount and rub it in – a little goes a long way down there (no pun intended!) – and you’ll be back in business in no time.

The second treatment option is phototherapy using UVB light. It can take from 20 to 60 sessions for this to have an affect, and it also has side effects, such as leading to testicular cancer, which is why I’ve never tried it. I recommend that you stick to the creams for quick relief (before exploring longer-term treatments, such as diet changes.)

Moisturise using condoms!

Update: I just discovered this little gem and had to share it with you.

One of my online buddies who gets psoriasis on the silly willy told me that he uses condoms to ease the irritation, and I have to say, his method is ingenious!

If you’ve ever heard of occlusion, this works the same way. What you do is moisturise your penis really well, then get a condom and squeeze a bit more ointment in there. Now put it over your flaccid penis and go about your day.

You’ll forget that its ever there in about five minutes, and at the end of your day, your penis will start to feel human. The trick is getting the condom to stay put and not slip off. Just experiment with sizes!

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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

148 Responses to The Horror Of Penile Psoriasis (And What To Do About It!)

  1. Bob says:

    No it doesn’t. It sounds nothing like herpes, and besides he already said he’s been tested for STI’s and it all came back negative.

  2. Rich says:

    I suddenly developed two red, shiny patches either side of the frenulum on the underside of my love length a few months ago. I went to see a specialist at the hospital where he guessed was psoriasis…BUT in some circumstances could be a rare form of cancer. He wanted to take a sample which involved a knife and my John Thomas…er, no? I’m 99.9% sure it’s psoriasis as it worsens if I’ve had vigorous bedroom activity.

    Obviously having read all of the posts on here, there’s no one fix for everyone. I’ve tried the cream from the doc (derm…something) this did very little, canesten as they thought it may be thrush, and now I’m using hydrocortisone with my poor, long suffering penis wrapped in cling film (much to the amusement of the missus). I’ll see if this works!

    Has anyone else suffered loss of sensitivity down there? I have had trouble ‘arriving’ ever since the redness first appeared, and it seems to be getting worse. Is this linked to the redness and will return to normal once it’s under control?

    Luckily I have an understanding woman, this must be hell for anyone having to explain in a new relationship that this isn’t an STI.

    Good luck chaps!

  3. Joe says:

    I’m an older man does shaving the pubic area help?

  4. Rob says:


    I have a slight rash on my glans looks like it is psoriasis.

    Please let know the best cream to use??

    • D says:

      Hello. I’d recommend Protopic. I tried most Creams and it just made everything red and angry. Fucibet helps initial Burning to calm. Protopic works to get rid of it for me.

    • david says:

      Go see a dermatologist. if you use the wrong cream it will just aggravate it as the skin is extremely sensitive on your glands. i recently went to see one and he said stop using everything and use a barrier cream that moisturizes.
      He gave me QV intensive Body Moisturiser which is also a barrier cream. He says it will take 3-4 weeks to clear up.
      Dont be embarrassed or ashamed to seek medical advice. The longer you leave it untreated the worse it will get and please dont use anything other than what a dermatologist tells you to use.

  5. bazza79 says:

    It’s a shame pics cant be attached on here. I previously posted about 3 years ago and never got a reply so I thought I’d update and post again as still need help.

    About 8 years ago I noticed some small raised curcular rashes/marks on my penis. They look circular in appearance and slightly raised with a tiny amount of skin on the inside that has come away.

    I have never been cured of this but at times the redness and marks have reduced and may change shape, flatten out or move to other areas of the penis so they are not always in the same place but some could remain in the same place for weeks or months while others lighten or flatten out and reduce in visibility. If the penis is retracted from foreskin and left out in the air for say 1-2 minutes the skin begins to dry and the redness and raised circular rashes appear more red and look quite shiny.

    This first appeared when with a long term girlfriend so knew it was not an STI but still had STI checks which came back negative for any. Gum clinic did not know what it could be and gave me creams which never worked. I uploaded pictures approx 3 years ago for an online GP website and they assessed it to be balanitis but were not 100% sure..

    My doctor first thought possible psoriasis or eczema but I have never had anything in my opinion that truely resembles psoriasis in terms of scales on penis but the penis does dry out a bit when retracted. I have no trouble pulling the foreskin back and the penis rarely iches. Once in a blue moon say maybe every 6-12 months I get a funny tingling and itchy penis which might last a short while and when I pull the foreskin back it seems like small circular layers of skin have been pulled away in places from the surface of the penis head leaving the circular marks mentioned above, and it is these that in turn over time look more red and raised and become like what they are in the pictures… Normally the circular marks occur mainly on the head and around/under the rim but have never gone further down the shaft of penis.

    When I’ve gone to a gp or clinic and pulled the penis back, on occasions they say they can see nothing wrong and just a few red raised areas. This is because the penis is not even half errect and has only just been pulled back so they rarely are able to diagnose the issue. The pictures show my penis not long after interecourse without a condom so maybe this has aggrevated the penis head more but it doesn’t look that different to normal. Please remember that what is in the picture is not how it has looked for 8 years. The appearance varies every few weeks/months but this is the worst I’ve seen it for a while.

    This is all very strange and I just want this cured and at least know what I’m trying to combat. Any help greatly appreciated.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lube helps, one capsule of black seed every night and get a good night’s sleep. Do consistently for two weeks.

  7. Stephan says:

    Hello, I’ve had penile psoriasis for about 25 years now, and untill about a year ago it was fairly mild and ‘liveable’. Only since then it became much more aggressive, and I’ve had a lot of foreskin tightening. A doctor told my that circumcision was the best solution, but I’m hesitant, since so far my foreskin has given me protection against irritation from rubbing against clothes. Does anyone have experience with this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had genital psoriasis (scales) (on the head of the penis and a little below….) for just about a year…tried one or two creams, but it never seemed to work…so i just figured I’d Vaseline up every day and live with it…until I came across the Aveeno Active Naturals 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream. Applied it once or twice each day, and within 3 – 4 days it has disappeared and hasn’t returned, and it’s been like 3 weeks now. (Hoping it is cured….I stopped use when it cleared up)

    I don’t know if this has been recommended already, or if it has been used, but I figured I’d share what worked for me, knowing how much this bothered me.

    Also, I don’t think it necessarily has to be this brand, but just a cream with “Hydrocortisone”


    • Anonymous says:

      P.S I never went to a doctor to get it diagnosed, but based on my research all the symptoms and appearance pointed to psoriasis.

    • redblob says:

      Thanks Anonymous, glad to hear some hydrocortisone sorted it out! I also spoke about that in the post – its a good option for immediate results. Just make sure to use it sparingly as it does have a skin thinning affect.

  9. Dave in Cali says:

    Hey everyone. I’ve been dealing with psoriasis on my penis for about the last four years. It started as a small red spot on the back of the shaft near the base. Thought it was just dry skin so just started moisturizing it with lotion. But it persisted and began to take over a bigger area. Went to the doctor and he prescribed a mild steroid. It caused the spot to go away and stay away for almost a year. Thought it was healed but it eventually came back. And when it did it took over more of my penis so that about half of the backside of the shaft was affected. It was real dry and would crack and bleed at times. Didn’t want to try the steroid again since I read that it thinned the skin. Vaseline helped keep it moist but did nothing to heal it.

    Was pretty discouraged and kept trying different things. Finally I remembered that I had a big bottle of water based lube from AdamandEve.com that they had sent by mistake in one of my orders. The label said vibrator lube but it’s just a water based lube so I figured I’d give that a try. I started to use it not only during sex or masterbation sessions (I had just used body lotion for this before) but also put it on my penis three times a day just to keep it from drying out. After a few weeks, my penis started to look normal again. No more dryness…cracking…bleeding. I’m continuing to put it on at least twice a day just to maintain but I swear by the stuff. It worked for me thus far. The skin is pretty much like it used to be except for a slight discoloration, probably due to the steroids. Maybe lubing up on a regular basis will help others. Good luck!

  10. John says:

    I have been living with this painful disease for two years now. Diagnosed as penile psoriasis by several skin expert doctors. However, prescribed Ovisone, Protopic, Elidel have all been more or less useless, unfortunately.
    Only last week the mystery was solved: I have been infected by Borreliosis for years – apparently it can also get to your willy, and look excactly like psoriasis.
    I am now on strong doxycycline treatment for 3 weeks. After 4 days my penis is cured. A true miracle.
    Check out this possibility, guys,


  11. tom says:

    This has been weighing on me for a long time. Stops me sleeping, affects relationships & work.

    4-5 years ago started getting an itchy rash on my pubic region, originally given antibiotics no improvement then hydrocortizone calmed it down a bit but not super effective. 3 years ago i started getting a very mild rash on my face on the cheeks, skin felt hot and dry like sunburn, 2 years ago i started noticing skin on back was dry and itchy – put this down to heat, it escalated to full blown wall to wall back rash went to doctors told dermatogical and was given audavate betamethasone, 0.1% ointment. (rash i’d say from google looks like guttate psiorasis)

    Using this once or twice on my back before bed when it flares up soothes it back to perfect skin in a day or two. Then it flares up in a week or two again – very itchy. Chest/stomach very small area affected slight rash appeared 1.5 years ago, seems to sync with the back flares up and is treated with the betamethasone valerate also.

    Penis – a year ago i started noticing redness on the glans head when flaccid and when erect if masturbating the penis head would go very shiny and incredibly dry after ejeaculating.

    I will say here I masturbate an above average ammount for a man my age (28) 3times a day + sex with girlfriend (Uncircumcised – no lube used, no issues with sex) also present is a mild semi-persistant unpleasant fishy smell at times, (not bacterial or chlamydia/ghonnoreah got tested last week – doctor took a look at member and just advised looked a little red)

    Normally if i’d had sex the night before, then again in morning without showering in-between the smell presents, no idea where it’s coming from though. Similar story if I masturbate once then a few hours later sometimes. Occasionally smell presents even straight after showering however – never any itching or pain on penile head.

    Girlfriends don’t seem to notice but drives me mad and very self conscious, killed my sex drive with one

    Head – 6 months ago started noticing spots on my hairline above ears and back of my scalp. Very mild and not visible no treatment yet

    The face rash has (Touch wood – massively improved) with only occasional noticeable reddending and dryness – nothing used to treat this just a few months feeling self conscious – again was very mild. The pubic rash also flares up much less frequently and is no where near as itchy or red and angry, when it does a small ammount of Betamethasone Valerate sorts it right out, now use exclusively loose fitting boxers.

    My basic hygiene is quite good, shower at least once or twice a day, use skin senstive soap and starting to use shower emolient on my penis head. Clean loose fitting cotton clothes (which does seem to help) Just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues.

    It’s only recently i’ve found psoriasis and joined the dots and now I’m starting to think it all makes sense. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar.

    I’m becoming quite secure in believe it’s psoriasis. I’m wanting to treat each individual area (of which penile is the biggest weight on my mind obviously as others are currently being “controlled” but then I’m also looking at working premptively and making lifestyle choices to reduce flare ups or god love eliminate flare ups. i’ll be trawling this article and subsequent comments for advice.

    Simply writing this has gotten alot of my mind, just wondering if anyone has experienced similar in relation to the penis and any all round tips for any of it…..thank you brothers! If anyone can reply back it would mean more than you know.

  12. Luc Albert says:

    My name is Luc and I am 50 yrs old.
    Thanks for the blog…..glad I’m not the only one with this problem! Not that I wish anything like this on others….well maybe a few people.
    Anyways, I have psoriasis on the back of my head, my hand and wrist, as well as on the shaft of my penis near the head. I have regular sex (2-3) times daily and I need to be quite regimented on my application of bassline on the affected area each and every day, or else the scales come and then it takes a day or 2 to rid of that. I think maybe I’m fortunate as there is rarely any pain and itch…but it’s still there and my girlfriend has been a bit worried for a while.
    Anyways, thanks for the ideas….will look into them as the vaseline is not a cure.

  13. Richard Morgan says:

    I also have quite bad flare ups on my privates and also my groin. What was particularly annoying for me was that I used to get a really bad burning/stinging sensation whenever my psoriasis came into contact with urine. Like when you put aftershave on your skin after a shave but worse.
    Eventually I bought a UVB lamp and apart from it looking odd that I have a lamp shining on my bits it helped a lot.

    • Aaron says:

      Im 38 year old male, average weight and never had a problem with Psoriasis until recently. I could really use some experiential insight from anyone who would be willing to listen/read.

      I have 4 small spots (largest one ever was 4mm) that seem to come and go. They are definitely plaques, occasional itch, never any pain. They are located on the underside of my penis below the crown and are mostly covered by what little foreskin I have left (circumcised). 7 weeks ago, right after making out (no intercourse but my Willy was touched vigorously) I saw the 4 spots again. They were pinkish/purple. Within days, they turned skin color and looked like little spots with dry skin edges. However on a daily basis, I would notice a little more redness than others. I went to a dertmatolgist who asked how long they’ve been there. I’m really not sure, but I think a while. He asked “years” and I said…I’m not sure. He nonchalantly said “looks like mild psoriasis.” In a newby to psoriasis and have never had it anywhere on my body.

      The redness seemed to come and go, but I could always see the spots. About a week and a half ago, after sex, the spots seems to be much more pronounced/brighter red/pink. One spot got to be the worst any have ever been, about 4mm in size and persistently red, although sometime it looks white, and i have also seen a gooey substance that looks like it’s pulling away from my foreskin; I could wipe it off with my finger. 6 days ago, I went to another dermatologist who said it looks like psoriasis. But then he asked me if I had a history of genital warts. I have not. He said “it’s not screaming warts….and followed that up by saying “I don’t think it’s warts.” Then he said let’s treat it with hydrocortisone. It should clear up in a few days if it’s psoriasis. If it doesn’t clear up we will treat it like genital warts and freeze it…but he said again, I don’t think its warts. This FREAKED me out!!

      I used hydrocortisone for maybe a day and didn’t see much improvement although the larger spot would change between pink and white- I was depressed, couldn’t sleep, convinced I had a genital wart.

      2 days ago, I went to a 3rd dermatologist and said, “I’m pretty sure you’re going to tell me I have a genital wart.” They inspected the area with a magnifying glass, and said, I don’t think it’s a wart, I think it’s psoriasis. They gave me some px level hydrocortisone and yeast creams and said let’s try this for 1-2 weeks. In 2 days it does seemed to have help the biggest spot some, but it’s still bright red. The smaller spots seem less and less visible, but I can still see them.

      Now to my questions:

      1. if this condition doesn’t respond to these creams, does it mean this isn’t psoriasis?
      2. I’ve read many of you have pain associated with psoriasis…I don’t have any pain, could this still be psoriasis?
      3. Is it possible to just have this smallest area of my body affected by psoriasis and to have it no where else?

      I’m so worried and sleepless. Thanks for reading, any insights are appreciated.

      • RR says:

        Hey how are you making out Aaron? For me I find exposure to sunshine and keeping the area always coated with the original Vaseline helpful. And to use any soap in that area only when you really need to.

        But here are my novice answers to your questions.

        1. Yes, it is possibly that it is psoriasis even though that particular creme did not take it away.

        2. Yes it still could be psoriasis. I’ve been dealing with psoriasis in that area for a year and a half and the first 6 months were very painful and some days i dont feel it at all. So it’s different for everyone as well. Some people may never feel much irritation. I just add mine is affection the sensitive area so that would not help my reason for the irritation.

        3. Yes it is possible to have one small area affected. The one main fact about psoriasis i found is that everyone’s psoriasis has a mind of it’s own. There is no rules when it comes to psoriasis so to speak. And it is possible that you may have just the only psoriasis spots at the moment. And it is also possible that may only be the psoriasis spots you’ll ever get. Everyone will have a different story.

        This is a great blog. Thanks to the due that made it!!

        Also you may want to check out this website:
        It has a lot of great info in all the forum blogs created. It’s best to make an account so you can search all the forum information.

        Best of luck to you.

  14. Paul says:

    So after months of depression over psoriasis of the penis and in a moment of desperation after itching from hell. It was so dried up and I’d tried all the prescribed creams under the sun and nothing had worked! It was itching like mad and I decided it needed moisturiser so after raiding tge bathroom cabinet I came across Lacura Caviar day cream. I put a splodge on the itchiest, dryest,scariest part of my penis head and the soothing was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It was a revelation is this the magic cure. I put a thick layer over the head and infected shaft and that was it. No itch, the swelling went down, redness went and the skin seemed thicker after months of thinning lotion abuse! 12 hours gone and it feels great! It works!!! Hope this helps someone else. Gonna keep re applying for a week or so then reckon that’s it! CURED!

    • Chris says:

      Hi there, I have psoriasis on both my elbows, on one of my knee caps and on my junk. I’m 33 and I have had it for a long long time on my penis and elbows. Just recently got it on my knee. For my elbows and knee I usually have it under control unless I don’t put any cream on it. It’s never ever has fully gone away. I’ve always had it. If I don’t put cream on it or some kind of psiorasis cream my elbows and knee get super white. They aren’t big spots but the plaque psiorasis is bad without up to two daily treatments. As for my junk, any type of sex and my junk gets red. Last night I had sex about 5-6 times and today my psiorasis is bad. Couple spots on my head and my entire area from circumsision is red and looks super thin and even has some really tiny thin cuts? From the aggressive sex. I have tried a cannabis cream and it has worked well on my elbows and knee but I need something good for my junk. The one I’m using now I think works good. I don’t masterbate much cause every time I do it flares up but with this cream I always tend to see new skin growing? It sometimes comes off when applying ointment but it seems when it’s dry it’s healing??? I really don’t know. Help

      • Chris says:

        Sup psoriasis brothas? 1st off, wtf is thinning of the penis skin? Now I’m worried cuz I been using steroid cream for a couple years now, and it never clears my condition, but keeps it at bay I guess. The penis is the only place that I get psoriasis currently, although it never actually goes away, just seems to look lighter in color on some days. Usually in the morning it’s pinkish, but after applying steroid cream it starts to glow a nice bright red, wtf? I’ve tried prednisone, and it takes it away, but the dr won’t give me anymore, yet is recommending humara, or something similar. So basically, if I want to rid my junk of embarrassing red spots than I have to risk heart failure, cancer and infections, which are all side affects of these medications that they want to sell? Cmon, prednisone is like 5$ for a month, humara is thousands a month!!!!! Are the doctors helping us or pharmaceutical????? Anyways, good comments and info from all, rock on psoriasis from anotha motha!!!!!

    • Merlin says:

      Is this stuff still working? I was looking for it on Amazon and there was different types and all. If it is still working can you give some details

    • Logan says:

      Can’t find the Lacura brand caviar day cream. Any hints on where to find it?

    • tommy says:

      Thanks for posting this, I bought some and it actually worked.

  15. This is a GD nightmare!! It literally just appeared today on the head of my Penis. I have Psoriasis on my Brows, Scap, neck, chin, and Forehead bad. Had it since last Summer. Creams, Antibiotics, and Prednisone really don’t work. I never knew you could get it on your Junk. It’s mostly on my Head. Thank you for writing this Blog. Very informative responses too.

  16. Anto says:

    Thank you for this blog it is very helpful and releasing to know there is more people with this problem! Since 2 – 3 years ago I started getting gutatte psoriasis flare ups which sometimes affect my willy.

    After trying many things I discovered that washing the head of it just with water instead of using soap helps a lot, mostly preventing it to flare up.

    When I see that it appears I put hydrocortisone 1% on it asap, once a day for 3 -4 days (I used to use it for a week but then I read about skin thinning and I got pretty scared) and it usually works. Plus I always try to not use it more than once every two months. Also stop playing with it and having sex for 3 – 4 days really helps. But as sometimes that can be quite difficult to achieve washing it with warm water after ejaculation and dry it very well afterwards works quite well for me.

    Lastly if you have the chance of going on holidays somewhere sunny go to a nudist area as sun really makes miracles on your friend down there (specially on his head!). Just remember to use sunscreen, don’t want your kit to burn!

    Hope that helps!

    • Matt says:

      I tried about every kind of cream and ointments. The one i found that works very well is “The Fay Farm Healing Hemp Salve” specifically formulated for eczema and psoriasis. Discovered it on a business trip to Seattle Washington. They are out of the Seattle area, but you can buy online also. Great Stuff, highly recommended. Matt 60

  17. Simon warner says:

    Hey all – I have inverse genital psoriasis. I have tried everything under the sun on it. Tea Tree oil, coconut oil, hydrocortisone, steroid creams, etc. I’ve been getting the Xtracs laser treatment for at least four months and no major changes. I have huge flare ups and it even bleeds and crust over. My Xtracs technician thought it could be infected most recently. It is very painful and embarrassing when you are trying to be intimate. I’ve been using the condom idea also (filling it up with ointment). Any thoughts? Anyone else used the Xtracs laser and had any luck? Anybody have any luck with anything working.?

  18. Sam says:

    So I’ve had psoriasis since I was 5. The flare on the inner thighs and penis happens every winter. Painful to walk. I do three things that bring the pain down fast.
    1. After shower I dry area well
    2. I mix my doxonex (I use generic one), mix it with gold bond psoriasis cream, apply. Wait like 5 min.
    3. I put baby powder all over very liberally on inner thighs .on the penis, .
    After about 4 days, it’s not clear, but much better .
    I’m 32 .

  19. Franz says:

    Hi! Great Article.
    Recently have this P. Its damn painful, Ill tell you.I felt burning and itching sensation after I musterbate. The wife is somewhat in doubt, several times accusing me of infidelity. But after a consultation with a doctor, the diagnose pointed to P. To stop the irritated areas the doctor gave some antibiotics since the skin were so swollen and bleeding caused by daily mustarbation. Tried some petroleum jelly and ointments but it didn’t work. Desperate of my condition, I went to our local pharmacy and asked for some medication, thanks to the Madame who gave me MOMETASONE FUROATE ELICA 1 mg/g Cream, 2 applications completely reliefs me. Wow.

  20. Carlos says:

    Hello all! Great page!

    Have suffered with P for about 8 years now. So far it has been pretty stable with a fairly large patch on my head and small patches in my eye brows and on the sides of my nose. Recently though, on a morning after having fairly rough penetration with my girlfriend, I noticed it had flared up, just on the tip. This was over 3 weeks ago now and unfortunately, I didn’t really see it as a huge issue (I thought it was just friction burns, as my GF is fairly tight down there [no other way of saying it!]), and we continued to have sex. This was a mistake as over the past few days it has become very itchy and worse then ever. My penis almost looks a different color, sad looking!

    After reading all these comments, I am going to try and tackle it via my diet and general cleanliness. I will also abstain from having sex and masturbating, unless trying the mastorbatory lube method!

    Note: I have read that guys who get this also have patches on the face. Anyone have experience of this?

    Together we will succeed!

  21. Bmann084 says:

    So again this year in early November my penile psoriasis flared up again mostly just small red patches on the head and base. I continued to sparingly use protopic and it is doing wonders. But another trick I have learnerd since my last post is. When I get out of the shower I put some vaseline on the affected area. As well as any other infected areas on my body. Not sure why it works but it does and it is a great alternative to the ever greasy and horrible stains that you get from creams such as dovenex. So ya that’s what’s working for me !

  22. hoz says:

    one thing i have been trying and its working so far is to not use soap on my penis. i just wash it in the shower with water.

  23. Wayne says:

    Hi All –

    I stumbled across this blog in July 2016 when I was diagnosed with psoriasis on my scalp, eyelids and junk. I have wiped it out.

    Here is how I did it:

    1. I quit sugar period (that means fruit, too). Google “The Candida Diet”.
    2. I drank the teas and took the herbs mentioned in this blog and other blogs: American Saffron, Slippery Elm Bark, Red Ginseng.
    3. I quit Caffeine and Alcohol. Hard! However, this was much less painful by taking L-Theanine daily. I took it mornings to remove anxiety and at night to go out on dates and socialize and still feel relaxed without drinking. The brands I tried:

    -Lucid Lumin SunTheanine.
    -Whole Foods SunTheanine.
    -Sports Nutrition SunTheanine

    L-Theanine does not do a thing for psoriasis. However, it does wonders for your mental state and sense of calmness and wellness while going through the healing process.

    4. I did a 15 day raw juice fast (I did do some sugar here: Carrots and Apples in the Juice). OK it only made it 14 days but it still helped.

    5. Three Colon Hydro-therapy Sessions. Not a fan of these but after seeing what comes out I will probably do this annually from here on out.

    6. For my junk: The junk seemed to be the slowest responder to all the above work I was doing. I was getting frustrated as I was newly single and with strange new patches of psoriasis on my unit that I did not want to explain. The other patches were clearing up but not the junk. So I took a chance and bought – off ebay – the following UVB Wand: “Kernel KN-4003B UV Photo Therapy”

    I used it 3 to five times a week. Pointing that thing at my junk for over 3 minutes would burn my poor unit. So do NOT keep this wand pointed at any part of your skin for more than a few minutes. Wear the protective glasses that come with it. When you first start out only use the wand for 1 minute or even less, and work up to 3 (ish) minutes over the first week. I once went 3 minutes and 30 seconds but it was too painful the next day – (UVBs) are designed to burn.

    Do all the above and you will be clear in a month or two (or three).

    I will probably not be back here because, well, it’s clear now! But this blog post and comments section was read by me a few times since July so I appreciate it Jack, and all the other commenters, for providing tips and hope on path to recovery.

    You can do this. You got this. Onward and upward people!!!!

    • redblob says:

      Awesome stuff Wayne and super dedication. I’m also a fan of l-theanine, as well as sulbutiamine, for their calming affects. Thanks for coming back and sharing your success!

    • fady says:

      i deleted sugar caffeine fruits and bread meat alcohol for 50 days it has improved became pink faded but still it shines when i have sex . please where can we find l theanine is this available as tablets?

  24. Neal says:

    Thanks for this post, Jack, because I have never known another guy who had this like I do and I have told a couple friends but they can’t really know what it is like (one said it was just ‘moss on the tree’.) So it means a lot just to know others have to face this.

    I have found that cotton boxers are best. Any tight underwear, even if cotton, makes it worse when it flares up. I first got it on the penis & sac about 20 years ago. It eased up but came back, not always in the same place. Now it is in the same places but flares up and winds down. I can’t figure out a pattern, but trying out different soaps and avoiding others has helped. Worst place for cracking in painful way is the angle where wang tends to hang regularly. Also have found using lotion that contains dead sea salt has helped. Avoid beating off if I must (short a time as possible) or, try different approaches.

  25. Willy Z says:

    Hey everybody, use Protopic 0.1% ointment for psoriasis on the penis. It takes about a week to clear it up, two if it’s on the head of the penis, but it It clears it up every single time. It works really well in thin skin areas.

  26. hoz says:

    Has any tried putting zinc oxide cream on it? The kind they sell for diaper rash.

  27. Rick says:

    Hi, I’ve this problem for 8/9 years now, I did struggle to treat it at first, I was prescribed creams way too strong by a US based GP but now after a visit to a UK doctor lady, she asked me to use doublebase dayleve gel as a twice daily precaution and after using the gel to medicate it with curatoderm, it clears in a couple of days, my best advice so far.

  28. Dan says:

    I have had psoriasis on my penis for about 20 years and have never looked for information on the internet about it before. Thank you for this blog.
    I am able to control the surface irritations pretty well. However, I feel it “deeper”. By this I mean that I feel like my sensitivity has been diminished and that the psoriasis is almost lurking under the skin. As a consequence it takes me longer to orgasm. Does this description sound familiar to anyone?

    • TJ says:

      Masterbate less, eat healthier, drink less alcohol.
      Use organic cold pressed coconut oil for a moisturizer or even to rub one out.
      For the occasional bad flare up, try protopic… But only when necessary.

      This is what I found most useful.

  29. jon says:

    Hey guys I have been dealing with this issue for 7 years now. It also reaches my butt hole curing fishers OMG the pain. Now after this summer it has gotten worse it has now attacked my sack as well super itchy and driving me crazy. The wife can’t even begin to imagine what I’m going through and thinks I blow it out of proportion. Any helpful tips on diet of creams I may have not tried. I normally managed with the pain using steroid creams but now the spread to my sack has just gone beyond what I can deal with it feels like there’s no hope.

    • NF says:

      I’ve suffered from mild to medium penile psoriasis for about 15 years. I’ve largely got the situation under control – but I’m managing the problem rather than curing it. Here’s what I’ve learned and what works for me:
      – Take care of your penis before it’s too late! For years I dry masturbated, washed under the foreskin with soaps and didn’t rinse after sex/masturbation.
      – Get the diagnosis right. For a number of years I thought I was suffering from thrush and tried to treat it with anti-fungal creams. What’s added confusion to my situation is that I do also occasionally get jock itch around my groin, which is a fungal infection.
      – Don’t wash the head with soap, just use tepid water. I think one of the reasons why psoriasis occurs is an imbalance in the penis’ natural ecosystem of bacteria and therefore its ability to ‘take care of itself’. Soap kills the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. I’ve also surmised that my mistaken use of anti-fungal creams probably didn’t help my ecosystem.
      – I make sure that I shake out all lose drops after urination and use toilet paper to make sure there’s no dripping, as urine seems to agitate the situation.
      – I moisturise regularly with this – http://www.neutrogena.co.uk/product/hand-cream/norwegian-formula-unscented-hand-cream. I’ve tried a few moisturisers and this one works the best for me. I moisturise after urination and ejaculation (once clean).
      – If I get a flair up I will use 1% hydrocortisone cream to bring it back under control. I’m pretty paranoid about using this due to skin thinning so I never use it more than 3 days in a row and no more than twice a day.
      – After applying the hydrocortisone it seems to be particularly effective if I apply the Neutrogena cream about 3 hours afterwards – i.e. I give the hydrocortisone ‘something to work with’.
      – I find it flairs up most after sex or masturbation, but only if ejaculate. I have a theory that some sort of (protein?) allergy might be at play as pre-cum also seems to affect the psoriasis. My other theory is that it’s the heat and/or blood that flows to the area.
      – I’ve significantly reduced the amount I masturbate, but when I do I use this as lubrication http://www.waitrose.com/shop/ProductView-10317-10001-2841-Waitrose+baby+bottom+butter. Before I discovered the Neutrogena hand cream, I used this as my primary moisturiser. It doesn’t absorb as well as the hand cream, but that’s a benefit in this context
      – After ejaculatory sex or masturbation I rinse the area thoroughly with tepid water – making sure that any ‘aftermath’ is also washed away. It’s then essential to apply the Neutrogena cream. If I know I’m going to have sex again the next day and I need to ‘look my best’, I will sometimes apply hydrocortisone instead of the Neutrogena
      – Using a condom during sex reduces the post-sex reaction. I use latex-free Skyn condoms
      – Rounding all this up, factors that seem to contribute to flair ups are – heat, friction, urine, semen, soaps and also excessive alcohol
      – All the above comes with a massive disclaimer – I am not a doctor nor dermatologist nor have I ever been to a doctor or dermatologist about my psoriasis. Stupid I know, but hey I’m a bloke.

      • NF says:

        @Jon – also to add to my second point about diagnosis – be careful as steroid creams make fungal infections worse.

      • Fady says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience can we say that your skin on glans penis is normal now no redness and how u confirmed u have psoriasis because my dermatologist said i have psoriasis and i have put steroids they disappeared than they r back and how we differentiate it ftom bowens disease and is olive oil useful to put on head of penis

  30. davey m says:

    i stumbled across this site as wasn’t sure if what i have on my wand is psoriasis or balanitis or something completely different. It came up about 4 years back. When my penis is erect with the blood flowing it’s hard to see anything majorly noticable but looks a little red in places but nothing that would resemble psoraisis however when non-erect the penis head has very small circular looking rashes in various places as if the inside of the circle/rash has a minimal layer of skin missing… If I stretch and pull the penis head the redness disapears and any rash completely goes…I can’t really say what it is and doctors don’t know and have given various types of steriod creams but Nothing has made it completely dissapear. Some days looks like it’s not there other days comes back really red and raw in places. If the penis head is left out the foreskin for sometime the skin dries and looks slightly scaly which after googling seems to be the same symptoms for psoriasis of the penis so I’m here and hopefully can finally get rid of this but still not 100% sure that is what i have but doctors cannot diagnose the condition.

    I’ve just taken a week off drinking any wheat related beer and instead drinking budweiser just incase it might be something to do with wheat intolerance etc….i’ve looked back at my lifestyle and things i eat wondering if it could be something I’m eating/drinking. Every few months if i have a heavy drinking sesssion my penis absolutely stings like mad like i’m pissing razor blades….the next day my penis head has changed and is far redder and rashes look more prominent in places. I’ve recently made changes to my diet and also washing the penis in luke warm water mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. It doesn’t sting at all like some say. After this i then put aloe vera cream on. I’ve ben doing this for the last 4 days so early days and can’t say if this is going to work. Added to that I’m taking garlic capsules as have been told of the benefits that garlic has as a natural remedy. I am wondering if taking Turmeric capsules as read in another part of this forum would be advisable for penile psoriasis or is it only better suited to help other areas of the body suffering from psoraisis?

  31. Andrew says:

    Hello, I would just like to say a huge thank you to those of you who has organised this site and the forum posts. I recently noticed a rash on the old fella thinking it was related to rubbing whilst riding my racing bike, i.e. from the shammy. Anyway the rash has worsened over time leading to me feeling pretty depressed and irritated. I have tried so many creams I’ve lost count. By the way my GP diagnosed the condition so I at least I know what I’m dealing with.

    Anyway I took the advice of someone on this forum and modified it slightly. And this is what I want to share.

    I used 0.5% hydrocortisone, the lower dose over the counter. Applied this moderately to effected area 2x per day for 3 days. Used cling film instead of condoms. Avoided mastebation etc. Anyway, 80% better after 24hours. Yeah! I also used a cream called XMA which you can google. Great moisteriser for eczema type rashes.

    Anyway I am so happy I can’t tell you.

    The moral of this story, is don’t freak out; Keep it simple and you’ll be fine.

    Thanks again, you guys are the best, A

    • redblob says:

      Thanks for your comment and advice Andrew! Glad you sorted it out and found the site helpful 🙂

    • TJ says:

      I use Taclonex on my psoriasis(head of penis) and it goes away within 3 days. My problem is that after a week or 2 it comes right back. This has been going on for over 5 years. I get psoriasis on other parts of my body and after treating it usually stays away, pops ups in a different location. I just can’ keep it from coming back. I’ve been going through the same cycle for over 5 years. Any thoughts on how I can keep it from coming back so quickly? Thanks to everyone for all these posts, they’re really helpful for a really embarrassing problem.

  32. Andrew says:

    Hi i posted a comment yesterday but i can’t find it now so I’m posting again incase i did it wrong.
    Recently I’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis all over the genital area. Including the main part of the Willy. Emotionally I’m having an extremely hard time accepting this. It has caused depression and anxiety. Which is effecting me ands everyone around me and my work place too. Ill add that I’m a 28 year old male.
    I have read all the pages on this awesome site. But if there’s any tips on dealing with this or treating this it would be much appreciated if someone can comment or even e-mail me at [email protected]
    I believe i currently have inverse psoriasis. And my father has suffered from psoriasis for a lot of years. It just scares me because he does struggle with it and has a hard time controlling it. He currently has plaque psoriasis. All over his body.
    Thank you so much in advance for any insight you can give me.

  33. @TRAVELROCKER says:

    Hi, get some Dovobet. Clears it in 24 hours but you have to use it daily after that. Hope this helps

    • redblob says:

      I would really caution against using dovobet with betamethasone on the penis on a daily basis. It is strong and not prescribed normally for the genitals because it can lead to skin thinning, especially where skin is sensitive already (i.e. eyelids, groin). I have used it on occasion in the past, but sparingly, as in 1/2 days on, 3/4 weeks off. One tube can last me two years. Hydrocortisone should help immediately as well in many cases..

      • jon says:

        What are symptoms of skin thinning I have very shiny skin on my junk at the tip going down the shaft is that normal for P or is that a symptom of my skin getting thin

  34. Desperate Parent says:

    This is a great site and extremely helpful. Thank you! I am doing some research for my son. He has been dealing with P for his whole life and he is only 6. He has it on his privates all the way to his butt, eye lid, behind the ears, armpit, under his finger nail, and belly button. I am getting nervous constantly using steroid creams. I use it for 1 week then take 2 weeks off but it always comes back. I use lotion everywhere but was thinking of trying the petroleum jelly with Turmeric powder. Since he is only 6 I this we will have to skip the condoms and daily tug of war. Any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Do you think it could be yeast even though he is only 6?

  35. Andrew says:

    Hi I am a 28 year old male. And today I’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis on the willy and other parts or the groin area. I’m honestly having an extremely rough time accepting this. But reading blogs and web sites like this does give me a some hope that i will manage this. Thanks to you all for sharing your information. If anyone has any ideas in how to treat psoriasis in this area or any area really could you please e-mail me. My e-mail is [email protected]. thanks in advance.

    • EM says:

      I put my vitamin d cream in a condom and wore it all day. The psoriasis is pretty much gone. If you want to get to the root of the problem, eat a strict paleo diet.

  36. @TRAVELROCKER says:

    OMG……….I developed this condition about 3 months ago, thought I have contracted VD however wondered how as had not had sex for years,….. three days ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis and the doc gave me some cream along with a shopping list of pills….the first thing i did when home was drop my pants and apply… happy days 2 days later completely clear and I am not as I thought going to have my pal chopped off!

    • redblob says:

      Glad to hear you got some relief – but cortisone creams are often a double edged sword – they stop being effective and the P can come back worse. Use it sparingly!

  37. Fail says:

    I use ringworm cream. they sell it at rite aid. Lotramins Antifungural cream for Ringworm. I also have started using antifungural soap ordered off amazon 12 to 14 bucks. delivered within a week ordered it last week received today I have ordered before and used 2 times a day and BOY CAN I TELL YOU life sucks waay less. I also learned to stop masturbating litterallyy like once a weekend, using sea salt and warm water helps A SHIT LOAD. trust me in 3 days youll forget like I did and be tempted to relieve stress XD

  38. myk says:

    Psoriasin gel. I’ve tried everything. I was on Stelara shots and it cleared me almost 100% then I changed jobs couldn’t take the shot anymore (insurance) and this is the first place that It popped back I got some Psoriasin gel and put it on there and within 3 days completely cleared only have to use it once a week and its stayed cleare for over 2 months now….fyi has a sting first few times you use it but well worth it..

  39. Clear Willy says:

    I got rid of it after 5 years plus of dealing with it with a handheld UVB-NB home phototherapy unit. It was a horrible bloody mess complete with a crack that went all the way around the head when I started. It took about 10 sessions to completely clear. Woohoo!

    • redblob says:

      Awesome to hear that it cleared up, Clear. What unit did you use on your unit? Haha.

      • Wayne says:

        Looks like a rather important piece of missing information. I will answer here along with put a detail post below.

        Kernel KN 4003B UV Phototherapy. This is a UVB wand. Do NOT point this thing at your unit – or any part of your body – for more than a few minutes or you will experience a burn for sure. UVB wands = designed to burn.

        I am happily cleared up after a month. Details below.

  40. Fady says:

    I used cortisone it disappeared for weeks than it is here back how should i got rid of this

  41. Armada says:

    They are two kinds of protonic here. One more concentrated than other 0.1% vs 0.03%
    Which one do you guys tend to use?.

  42. bmann084 says:

    So I have psoriasis on my dink mostly on the head. . I get nervous and put random creams on it. I saw a dermatologist recently and he suggested protopic I have not tried it yet.. anyone know about this? I tried dovonex but to no avail

  43. Matthias says:

    I have penile psoriasis on the glans as well, and my only therpy is masturbating with Bioglide lube. The product is free of parabene, oil and synthetic sent. No other therapy is needed and the red psoriasis spots vanish after some days. (Masturbating every day, its hard work boys! :P)

    With the glide gel, it does not hurt or itch. Only if the flare is too much i use a low cortisone creme. But most of the time the lube does the job well. This is no joke, and its the most comfortable treatment i can imagine. I think the trick is, that it gives the glans much moisture for longer periods then a creme would. The same reason unprotected sex also makes penile psoriasis better. (In my experience).

    I am happy that i have not to use protopic or other medical creams anymore and my penis is 90% of time free of psoriasis. So go out there and masturbate (or have sex) as much as you can my psoriasis suffering friends (Seriously, no joke)

  44. Jp says:

    Using Goldbond powder helps me quite a bit. I am uncut and keeping it moist sometimes doesn’t seem to work well. Goldbond has zinc in it. Starting taking Zinc tablets for the hell of it. Works really well! Zinc is a trace element most men start losing as we age. It’s cheap. Try it.

  45. Sam says:

    Hi Red, I have the same problem. mainly on my glans penis and underneath the foreskin. Do you think that using hydrocortisone for 3 days and having 4 days off and then repeating like that is ok? hydrocortisone works really well for me but I’m just worried about skin thinning.

  46. MikeH says:

    Have you guys tried using a penis health creme? These are great for dry, cracked or flaky penis skin. I use one and it totally works for my skin issues down there.

  47. John says:

    I am just beginning to have this problem. I use cortisone for a day then switch to Gold bond powder. I think my heals better dry because I’m uncut. I find if I keep it moist the foreskin keeps it too warm. Maybe it is more of a yeast infection.

  48. Bob says:

    Excellent blog! Easy to understand if youre not a doctor unlike all other pages I’ve seen. Cheers bro

  49. Bob says:

    I had this for years tried all the creams, didn’t work… What worked for me is mixing turmeric powder with petroleum jelly and slapping plenty on at night… and taking turmeric pills from health shop.. 2 weeks later all cleared… treating it from within… hope helps.

  50. jolol8 says:

    I have something very similar, I guess. Anything with friction to the penis head, basically every time I move, I feel it. Worst thing of my life. Been about 4 months now. I think it happened after I put on a tight condom.. Been to two urologists, derms, and now going to a neurologist this week. IDk what to do anymore.

    The only thing is I don’t see any discoloration and some people say it comes and goes, mine always had looked the same and normal.. I guess ill ask my doctor if he thinks it may be this. IDK what to do anymore. Contemplated suicide already.

    • redblob says:

      Hey jolo8. Hope you feel better, I know how it can feel during the low points. You just have to find the right treatment. Its hit and miss, but there is something out there that will work for you.

  51. Rob says:

    I have struggled with what i thought was recurring chronic dermatitis in the genital area for years now and i have only just been able to work it out.
    PAY ATTENTION GUYS because even after countless doctor and skin specialists appointments and test after test after test none of them got it right and i was thinking the same as this page suggests.

    Male Yeast Infection or Candida fungus!!!

    Guys we have all heard of women having yeast infections… well they can give them to us, hell if between the ages of 18 and 25 you regularly drank beer or alcohol with the boys on the weekends (Meaning 99.9% of us) you’re in a high risk category. Sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms for years and then genital dermatitis thats recurring pops up. That was 4 years ago for me. the signs go back another 4 years but nothing you would bother with.

    Only after my own extensive research did i stubble across this and couldn’t believe what id found. Id had symptoms 8-10 years ago that suggested i may have had a yeast infection. multiple things i had visited the docs for over the past few years that i never would have thought to be related started piecing together like a puzzle. 3 weeks after figuring all this out and getting THE RIGHT treatment from the docs there is only one way to put it COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE!!

    Looking back on it all there is just no way id have put it together or even thought about it and neither would a doctor. The only reason i stumbled on to it was because of an article about risks of sex with a pregnant partner. Me with a 2 year old clicked on it and it explained that pregnant women would most likely have some form of a yeast infection due to hormones and all that and men were at a high risk of catching the infection if you have sex.

    I am sure there would be thousands of guys out there that have the same issue and are unable to figure it out or find a doc that will diagnose it.

    Spread the word if you can guys coz it will help heaps of blokes out there. Life would have been very different for me had this been figured out all those years ago.

    • redblob says:

      Thanks for the comment Rob. Its a good point. P is easy to misdiagnose, and I have heard of it being mistaken for a yeast infection, and vice-versa. GOod to get check out either way.

  52. Cienfuegos says:

    Hi Jack, firsty I want to congratulate you for your blog, very instructive and friendly. I have this awful penile psoriasis, some small red patches here and there, sometimes some dissapear while others remain and within some weeks appear in other sides again… I have tried water +vaseline as you recommend, urea cream, several natural moisturizers and raw coconut oil but still are there.

    I see you recommend hydrocortisone based creams and here is my doubt: after using it, doesn’t reappears soon again and even stronger than it was? Greetings from Spain.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Cienfuegos. Hydrocortisone is like using napalm. I think it’s okay to use for immediate relief, but like you say, it has to be used in miniscule amounts and carefully. The way I used it before, in combination with a natural approach, was to use it over a period of 1/2 days, then use vaseline when the psoriasis subsided. In my experience the rebound flakiness can be controlled, and doesn’t have to be worse than before. All the best.

  53. anotheranony says:

    Very glad I found this blog and confirmation that I am not the only one dealing with this crazy ****. I am almost at my wits end with it.. Dermatologist has just prescribed something new. After I test it out I will try and remember to come back and report… This shit sucks..

    • redblob says:

      What are you trying out Anthony. Hope it works, but if not, it’s time to start looking into diet and lifestyle 🙂 That or a skin suit a la Silence of the Lambs!

  54. Shane says:

    What moisturiser would be best please? I’m at my wits end with the flaking, the itchiness and the ugliness of my penis. I’ve even thought about cutting it off. Sorry for the dramatics, but it’s getting to a stage where I’m embarrassed to shower and get undressed in front of my partner…

  55. TJ says:

    Try to have baths with Epson salts every other day. Then apply a moisturizer to hold in the moisture. Do this after every shower also. Don’t shower too hot because it dries out your skin. Also use pure aloe vera a few times a day. Wear cotton boxers because they irritate less and sleep naked. It gives you manhood a chance to ventilate. If you can suntan naked for 30 min a day at home it will help. Good luck

  56. Bill says:

    Hey I’ve been diagnosed w/ this on my glans for about 2 years and have been using protopic and calcipotriene intermittently. I’m circumcised and the skin above my circumcision mark appears to have gotten shinier, thinner, less elastic and peely but not especially bumpy, painful and itchy. Recently it seems that this new skin type has moved below the circ mark and appears to spreading to that whole area. Does you have any experience with this and can it be reversed?

    • Bill says:

      Just wanted to let anyone reading this know that the skin in question has long since returned to normal. That development I described above was temporary, lasting a week or two and returning to a relatively steady state.

  57. leolakent says:

    My husband developed psoriasis on the penis and then developed psoriasis in the urinary tract. The urinary tract remains red and tender despite creams and doctor’s treatment. Any suggestions.

    • redblob says:

      Hi. That sounds horrible. Just to clarify, you’re talking about P on the tip of the urethra? I have never heard of psoriasis spreading to the urinary tract. Has this been confirmed by a second opinion?

      • SunshineTimer says:

        Hi Red Blob and Leolakent — I have had genital psoriasis for over a year… and was just finally correctly diagnosed about 1 week ago (what a huge weight off my shoulders.) In the middle of an outbreak 3 weeks ago, the inside of my penis was giving me a god-awful itchy sensation for about a week and a half – thankfully it went away. I was checked out for STDs and of course, it was all negative. Oh, the outbreak was confirmed on the tip of my penis, anus and in my left ear.

        The next time the sensation comes back inside my penis, I will RUN to my dermatologist to get it confirmed. The sensation was unforgettable and awful.

        Anyway, Red Blob, have you heard of “anus steaming?” http://www.newnownext.com/buzzfeed-men-review-butthole-steaming-the-latest-health-craze-you-need/02/2015/

        Do you think this can help psoriasis? I want to do as much proactive treatments as I can, as a year’s worth of itchy, fissured anus is h-e-l-l.

        • redblob says:

          Anus steaming!?!?

        • Rob says:

          Just curious did you look into candida infection or fungus ? Yeast infection ? I was diagnosed the same and had recurring outbreaks for years. After over 10 years turns out it was a yeast infection and I found info only by fluke… Took it to the docs and yep all gone now. Cured

          • redblob says:

            Many people with psoriasis seem to have a problem with leaky gut / candida overgrowth. ACV is good for that as it has an overall alkalising effect. I was tested and had some tissue samples taken from my gut, and they didn’t find any signs of yeast unfortunately, although I continue to suspect it is a problem.

  58. Ciel says:

    Thanks for your write up about your experience with psoriasis on your willy. My husband just got diagnosed with that. We have two kids 2& under& he was silent about the whole deal until I was thin enough(dumb issues after pregnancy in late 30’s)to take a look at his boy parts& ask him what the heck was going on! Thankfully I really thought he had been faithful to me& this all didn’t disrupt our family too much. Calling to make appoints for him did leave receptionists laughing, which really is a shame! Anyways, thanks for your matter of fact voice in this well writen blog you have. Makes me feel like it’s all not a big deal& life goes on. Thanks for your honesty.

  59. Get him referred to a dermatologist!

  60. jess says:

    Thank you. I am reading this to try to help my boyfriend. He’s been out of order, but so have I this week (gross) lol! I’m ready to jump back on the saddle soon but he’s still irritated down there. It’s pretty bad this time. We’ve been using the creams. He has a bandaid on an open sore which I don’t think is good idea but he says it stops the pain. I feel bad for my babe and wish I could help. Just have to give it time. Than kyou for all the info!

  61. Get a referral to a dermatologist and ask them about it. It’s not something a GP will prescrib for psoriasis in the UK.

  62. Your welcome. I only get psoriasis in and around the anal/genital region though do also get eczema from time to time so when I first started having symptoms about 15 years ago my doctors first thoughs where that is was a sexually transmitted infection. I was tested for everything, but it all came back negative, so the next stop was a dermatologist. They had a look and thought it might be psoriasis or possibly a fungal infection, so prescribed Trimovate cream which did control it. That became the mainstay of my treatment for a number of years. But it eventually stopped working and worse still I did start to have some thinning of the skin around the back passage which is not a good thing! So back to the dermatologist! At this point they decided they wanted a firm diagnosis so suggested it would be a good idea to have a skin biopsy. Which not to be to graphic basically involved taking a small chunk out of my glans under local anaesthetic! This did lead to the firm diagnosis of psoriasis and a little scar. At this point the dermatologist said that he felt I should no longer use any steroids down there due to thinning and would like to try Protopic which was and still is not licensed in the UK for use with psoriasis though it is for eczema. I went away and read up on protopic as it does have a black box warning in the USA but after reading all the evidence decided that it was worth a go. I have found it to be a very effective medication. It does burn a little when first used but it cleared my psoriasis which was very bad at this point (skin would bleed with any friction) within days. Now I use it about once a week for maintenance and there is no risk of skin thinning. I would definitely recommend it for any long term treatment of psoriasis in the anal/genital region as using steroid creams long term over a number of years/decades even very sparingly like I was could lead to some skin thinning and that opens up a whole lot of other issues in that area. Obviously this is just my experience but if it helps anyone else then that’s a good thing :-).

    • Louis says:

      Thank you Jonathan for your experience. Do you have a particular suggestion where to find this medicine?

  63. Bobby says:

    Thank you for putting this out there for those of us who have been in the dark. I have had psoriasis for ten years but only recently did it appear on my penis. This is very helpful.


  64. Great blog, I have suffered for years with it on my manhood and also around the back passage but Protopic works wonders for me!

  65. redblob says:

    Calcipotriol by itself is not-too-bad for light regular use in my opinion, but betamethasone (which its nearly always mixed with), appears to cause skin thinning. Has your derm diagnosed it as flexural psoriasis? One other thing I can recommend is, depending on the climate where you live and your job, it may be a good idea to use men’s talcum powder like Man Powder to keep sweat at bay. Chafing and sweat is a bad combo for P anywhere near the groin! I feel for you though, I’ve had tears like that in the past and they sting like hell.

  66. f says:

    I have the same problem but mostly in the winter months. Get yourself in the sun and if you can go somewhere private like your yard or someplace, expose that area to the sun for a little while. It is the only thing that clears me up down there.

  67. Patrick says:

    I get a sort of tear of about an inch at the lower part of the shaft, inside/down (what do you call that? anyway, just above where it goes over to the scrotum), like a cut, about every time I have sex. Hurts like hell. (I don’t know if the vaginal fluids contribute to that, probably just the physical extension and friction).

    Then I carefully apply some corticoid cream over the next couple of days, hoping it’ll work and that it doesn’t thin my skin so much that it “tears” more and more easily from time to time. This seriously compromises my sex life. Really depressing.

    No idea what else I can do against it.

    • redblob says:

      Hey Patrick. Sounds painful. Are you sure its psoriasis? I think I know what kind of “tear” you’re talking about, but just to make sure. Does it come and go or is it always there? I would probably stop having sex while it heals, using steroid based creams to help (even betamethasone if you have it).

      • Patrick says:

        Comes and goes, even if I don’t have sex, but with sex the chance that it appears is bigger. (But this doesn’t always happen. Well, most of the time it does, damn it.) Yes, not having sex while it heals or even when I just feel the area is irritated or itching is one thing I do.

        My dermatologist said it was a light form of psoriasis. Other areas are behind my ears, and some time ago on my chest, but that last one has been fine for a year or so. My father had psoriasis, and quite badly even at a younger age, and the doctor seems competent, so for the time being, I’ll believe that.

        The stuff I’m using is a combination product of calcipotriol and betamethasone – the doctor claims it’s not thinning the skin, but the wisdom of the internet seems to have a different opinion. It’s bad enough already, and I don’t want to make it worse by the very use of something that should make it better, of course (or get my skin too much used to it, but I don’t know if this is an issue with this product). Ah, well.

  68. Starr says:

    Psoriasis on my penis. Married 38 years (One Main Squeeze)… I didn’t have to introduce my pain to others. Recently turned 60; experimented with every ‘NEW’ Miracle Cure. Unfortunately…there is NONE!

    Here’s what I know about flare-ups. Your love tool turning red, I mean deep RED…with bumps for good measure.
    Advice during flare-ups: Consume plenty of water. Get longer amounts of ‘quality sleep’. Cut down on adult beverages. Apply Vaseline or Prescription Protopic after your evening shower on the inflamed areas.

    Also…as psoriasis is an auto-immune disease…you may be lactose intolerant or have food allergies…I have celiac disease. What we consume…does define our skin.

    …Peace on….

    • Jimmy Smith says:

      Like you I have been married for a while. 26 years. I have only had one partner. Since 2014, I determined I was alerigic to Corn, Wheat, Corn derivatives, Soy and other things. These allergies manifest themselvew with bad rashes behind my knees elbows and Soy in Particular seems to make my eyelids and Penis flare up. I have tried Omission beer, (Gluten free), potato vodka and Tequila that is 100% aquva. I really eat a restricted diet, but I do eat quite a bit of sugar, and coffee. (LOTS of COFFEE)

      2014 – 2015 : Figured out I was alergic to Wheat and Corn
      2015 – 2016 : Figured out I am allergic to Soy.

      My eye lids were ridiculous it looked like someone sanded the skin off and let it heal. My penis was flaky and very uncomforatable. I tried everything.

      Now that I have cut out Wheat, Corn, and Soy eyelids cleared up but I still get a very bad case of Red shiney scabbing on the end of my penis, (perhaps called the Glans) that some times trickles over to the head of my penis with little bumps popping up. I know if I just switch to white rice and veggies for a while, and abstain from all sex it almost clears up. I have been to specialists and doctors. For some reason I do not test out as alergic to anything but I know that be eliminating the items I listed I feel better.

      I am planning to go get some Hydrocortizone cream and to do some of the other things listed here. I read all these posts and it seems like some folks treat syptoms while you appear to be going after the root cause.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      I drink Coffee every day. Black during the week 32 ounces or so.
      On the weekends or evenings sometimes I will have decafe or cafinated coffee loaded with surgery. Alcohol – I drink primarily Tequila in margaritas or on ice. Margaritas are from fresh juice. I do drink 10 drinks or so each weekend of Tequila.

      Ice Cream and dairy products. I put butter on rice, and have cream in coffee and like Hagadaz ice cream. I eat it a few times a week.

      I try to stay hydrated and drink quite a bit of water.

      Any suggestions rom anyone would be appreciated. Doctors have not been much help.

  69. Mike says:

    Pro topic on the penis – it’s magic. Clears it up for weeks at a time.

  70. Brian says:

    sounds great. Can you help me regarding the name of the drug. I am from Denmark and have not heard about the drug.
    Kind regards

  71. Stuart says:

    Sean, how did you find out that gong vegan would help you? I might give it a shot

  72. Dan says:

    Hey everyone, I am on a medical study for psoriasis and really just want to help everyone who has felt the way I did. This study drug has had zero side effects on me as well as another person I know on the study, and my skin is 100% clear. It took 3 months tops, but it rapidly cleared. I’ve been on the drug for a year and couldn’t be happier. It is a nationwide study so chances are that there is research clinic near you. Let me know if you want the info.

    • colin says:

      Dan, please send me the info!

    • Dean Parr says:

      Dan – please send me the info. Thanks!

      • Armada says:

        I do have psoriasis in my penis and scrotum and thinning of the area cause by using corticoids (trim ovate) any news on people using Dan’s medical study would be welcome. Thanks!

    • kyle says:

      If this study is still ongoing I would love to be a part. I’ve had psoriasis since I was six. It went away when I was about 18 and now I’m about to turn 21. It’s recently re-flourished and I now have it on my groin. It has caused the sex life between me and my girl to all but die and I’m almost desperate to ease it.

  73. andy says:

    Had this since I was 17. Thought it was a fungal infection for years, using all sorts of creams, which never did their job. Then I tried Psoriasin gel. Apply it a few times daily and it will dry out the affected area, stop the itch and it will flake away to reveal healthy skin.

  74. John says:

    I am so glad to see this article. I have tried it all and right now, because it is winter, the psoriasis on my penis is bad and itchy. In the summer when I get some sun it clears up. It really does ruin your sex life.

  75. Sean says:

    Honestly guys, I had Psoriasis for years, all over my body including that area. I went vegan for a month and it completely went away. Skin is the largest organ in our body, and the first organ to react when we are putting things into our body it does not accept. If you have the will-power and want to see it go, change your diet. It takes hard work but changed my life.

  76. Mark says:

    I have had psoriasis on my genitals for about 9 years. For years I had it solely on the tip, but luckily after years of good and bad weeks it has disappeared for about 2 years now! While I still have it mildly on my testicles, I’m thankful that’s all there is. It’s the worst thing to try and explain to a partner! Still though, I worry often that it will reappear like before. Is this common? Does it disappear for long periods and then return?

  77. Neil says:

    I have had it on the tip of my penis mainly. I use a cortizone cream. Have had it since I was 18. Try explaining it is not an STD and the girl is not going to get anything. So my approach is I tell them what it is and to look it up. Once they find out and we are comfortable, they couldn’t care less. But I avoid one time encounters because it is not worth the embarrassment. And then psoriasis has also made its way behind my ears and one time it was real nasty, I took a picture to show the doctor and even he was shocked at how bad it got.

    Anyway no one explained what it is. In a nutshell your body in that region for whatever reason is just making EXTRA skin too quickly. But yeah masturbation is not good and just worsens it. If you have the ability to have sex forget the masturbation. If you do not have sex, who cares no one knows.

  78. Ed says:

    See your dermatologist and ask him to prescribe Protopic (brand name). According the info on the tube it is “tacrolimus ointment.” It is pricey but I have had psoriasis on my penis for 15 years and this just knocked it right out. Therefore, it is worth every penny to me. I also use a little Aquaphor after showering to reduce and recurrence.

  79. liam says:

    Hey, I found this interesting. I have had psoriasis since birth, and it tends to stay in areas for 10 to 15 years – I have it on my penis and testicles, it’s horrible; some days I even get a thin layer of skin built up from it. I know it’s not an STI, I currently use Vaseline and e45, seems to ease at times, and can become very itchy especially when stressed, have you tried any herbal remedies if so what do you recommend?

  80. gregory says:

    Hey man, I think I have it on my balls and the side, but not my penis itself – it looks fine – it gets a bit itchy. Its just that my balls are red LOL. Do you think it will go away man? like I’m really worried bout this and I get depressed.

    • redblob says:

      Hi Gregory, thanks for your comment! How long have you had it for and has it been diagnosed? Sometimes psoriasis goes away by itself, but there’s no way of telling. How long have you had it for? If its really terrible and you want immediate relief, try some over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Just use it sparingly.

  81. tim says:

    Hey man thanks for the great article.. I’ve lived with this for approx 14 years now and after many different treatments I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it isnt going to go away any time soon…

    I varies from week to week, some weeks good some weeks bad. Havent had sex in like 5 years because of it, but then I’ve turned 50 and Eddie Griffin reckons that the cock has a time limit on it. LoL

    • redblob says:

      Tim, thanks for the comment man! 5 years… sheesh! Maybe its those sexual practices – S&M can’t be good for a flaky sausage. Have you had any success with any treatments during the time you’ve had it? Must have tried something that helped. What are you doing now for it by the way?

  82. John says:

    Hi, interesting article. I unfortunately used a potent steroid cream for a long period of time and it caused severe thinning of the skin (under the penis glans especially) which has put a major damper on my sex life. I have seen dermatologists but there is nothing that they can offer to help me. Would you perhaps have a solution for me on how to get the skin regenerated there or whether skin graft surgery may be achievable. Many thanks.

    • Dave says:

      Regarding thinning of the skin by using steroid creams, there are plenty of us in this boat my friend because doctors dont tell us about the side affects of using too much. Best you can do is keep it clean and moisturised and back right off the masturbation and only have sex using a condom. You want to avoid irritating the skin as best you can until it thickens up again. This can take three to six months. Don’t use soap when cleaning use a balanced soap substitute and the same with your moisturizer. You will be ok but its takes a while for the skin to right itself. BIO-OIL is very good for encouraging skin regeneration so try some of that but even on the label it says apply for at least three months. Best of luck pal!

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