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Flake Update: The Rum Diary

Drinking rum for 4 days in a row isn't recommended for psoriasis

Who knew 4 days of drinking rum leads to flare-ups?

In my first post, I talked about alcohol and psoriasis. Everybody knows that drinking alcohol leads to flare-ups, which is why you should try to limit your intake as much as possible.

Which is what I was doing, until this week.

Now, not only have I fallen off the bandwagon, but I’ve hit my head on the way down, been run over by the back wheels, fallen in a massive vat of alcohol, and had my skin shredded to pieces in the meantime.

The problem is simple: rum. More specifically, a rum tasting session at the local brewery and an 8 year old bottle of dark, island-made rum. Oh, and coconut rum, and white rum, and pure, 80%-proof rum.

I’m not an alcoholic, but who would say no to a party? Especially when it’s your girlfriend’s mother’s partner’s 60th birthday. Exactly.

I knew it would happen, but my skin looks like London during the Blitz. My elbows have been bombed to pieces. So, what I’m doing is going on a two-day water fast. I’m currently at around 38 hours, and not feeling too bad actually. I’ve done a ten-day water fast before, and while it did not “cure” my psoriasis, my flare-up did die down, which is what I’m hoping for here.

As an aside, today, one of my colleagues called me a human “collage” as my skin is white, pink and red. I didn’t get offended — my skin is way too thick for that.

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