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Flake Update: Drink your Greens

It's mean, it's green, and it has a score to settle with psoriasis.

It’s mean, it’s green, and it has a score to settle with psoriasis.

My girlfriend has just gone to Mauritius for a week, so I’ve decided to get a little naughty. Forget seedy strip clubs and 4:00 am poker sessions with booze and cigars, though – I’m really throwing caution to the wind this time. I’m juicing for dinner.

Blending water spinach to smithereens

Blending water spinach to smithereens

As a cheapskate, I didn’t want to invest in a new juicer, so I dragged my dusty Kenwood 700w hand blender out of the cupboard to see what it’s capable of — and it’s impressive. Considering I’m just chainsawing everything into pulp like a maniac playing a real life, vegetable version of Fruit Ninja, the results have been quite drinkable!

The reason why I’m chopping through bagfuls of leafy vegetables for just a few cups of greenish liquid in return, is psoriasis. This stuff is liquid elixir when it comes to cutting down bodily inflammation, and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since seeing “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, a documentary about a man who juice fasts on nothing but a bit of curly kale for 60 days and ends up curing his skin condition. Plus, juicing is the only way to consume so many greens in one go.

Time to get messy

To prepare for my week of hand blender debauchery, I bought four massive bunches of water spinach (managing to crack the vendor down to USD $4.5!), plus other fruit and vegetables. The focus really is on the dark green, leafy vegetables though (spinach, watercress, lettuce, kale), because they’re packed with inflammation-fighting omega 3 fatty acids and other skin-friendly nutrients. My current recipe is: a LOT of greens (at least equivalent to two heads of lettuce), a knob of ginger, a large lime, two apples and a banana.



The process is so simple that even a child could follow it. Not that you’d entrust a child to use a machine built around twirling blades of vegetable destruction. First, chop everything quite roughly (I keep stems because the more green the better), throw everything in a round container, add water and attack it with your hand blender. My advice would be to use a container that is long, cylindrical and quite narrow, such as a large water bottle with the top sliced off, because then you can blend everything into a finer pulp to get better juice. Afterwards, use a strainer to squeeze out the fine, swamp-green liquid and chill it before consuming.

Is a week long enough?

Honestly, I don’t know. If I get through it and see some my psoriasis patches flattening out or becoming pinker, I might jump straight into a hardcore juice fast. I’ve done a ten day water fast before (by day 7 I was in a particularly interesting, hallucinatory mental state when everything seemed delicious, even plastic fruit in Ikea), so I think a juice fast would be a piece of cake.

Plus, there are plenty of flakers out there that claim to have gone into total remission by juice fasting. Take Vale, the greatest juicing evangelist in the world today, also known as “The Juice Master”, who claims to have cured his psoriasis by the fine art of pulverizing vegetables into juice. In fact, he offers a “Clear Skin Programme” on his site, although it’s a nothing a bit of research won’t dig up. I’m aiming to post photographs of my hands and elbows to keep track of how I’m doing, so watch out!

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I'm just an average 28 year old living with psoriasis. Over the last decade, I've tried everything, from real snake poison to rubbing banana peels over my body. I've finally found an approach that's working for me, and I'm sharing it with all the flakers out there. But Psoriasis Blob is not about one man, it's a growing community of great, red people.

4 Responses to Flake Update: Drink your Greens

  1. redblob says:

    Thanks, and right back atcha! I like how frank and open you are. Yes – definitely try juicing. Green juices are like a kick in the nutsack for psoriasis! I juiced religiously for a good while through Feb and March, and my plaques smoothed out a lot. My biggest problem was keeping up the routine and making sure I had enough greens on hand all the time! I’m currently living in a little island country and going to the only market in town can be inconvenient.

    I’ve also experimented with fruitarianism for approximately 2 months, but found that I was getting too much sugar, and that’s not good if the root of the problem lies in the gut – which I sincerely think it does. So right now I’m going down the gluten / dairy free road. It’s been approximately 3 months now, and the results are coming… but cripplingly slow. I’ve also noticed new patches appearing. They couldn’t pop up on the back of a leg or my back though, no, they decided to attack the face. So I’ve got flaky eyebrows now. Sometimes they look white, like Santas :). Overall though, I have to say that its improved by at least 50% on the diet and juicing combo – alas, with the usual cycles up and down whenever I’ve tottered off the path and into the arms of alcohol or pizza.

    I noticed that you experienced a good amount of clearing in 2013, how did you do it – through diet?

  2. How did this work for you? I honestly love your blog. You have the same humor about psoriasis that I do. I have been trying to be grain and dairy free. I do very well being dairy free, but the grains are difficult sometimes because I love rice! I’m thinking about doing no sugar also… I like fruit though… I think I will start doing no added sugar and low sugar fruits… basically paleo! I am interested in juicing, since I have a juicer I might as well make use of it. Curious to know your results.

  3. hfmc8 says:

    Great blog! This is bit off topic but I couldn’t find a proper place to send an “ask”. I’ve had minor issues with psoriasis for a few years but they’ve gotten noticeably worse over the past year. I’ve learned how to control it (for the most part) on my body, but within the last week I’ve been getting patches on my face around my mouth and nose, eyebrows, and at my hairline. I’m wondering if you have any tips for facial products and cleansers to use. Also for men with these facial issues, how do you go about shaving? Again, sorry for the digression.

  4. littleangel911 says:

    I might have to give that a whirl. I have very inflammatory psoriatric arthritis & when my hands are especially sore & red, along with my ginger root tea, I will rub ginger root slices on my painful joints, it takes a lot of the redness out but what’s real great the pain goes away forward several hours. I discovered this when I was trying to slice the ginger & my hands weren’t having it. Out of desperation I took a slice & started rubbing it into my joints, to my surprise & delight the pain went all away, I could bend without one bit of pain, needless to say there is always a bag full of those beautiful roots in my home.

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